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Frankfurt Hash House Harriers

Meet the Hash House Harriers in Frankfurt
– A drinking club with a running problem –

Frankfurt Hash House Harriers
The Frankfurt Hash House Harriers was founded in 1987. Meanwhile we have, over 1600 runs behind us.
The Frankfurt Full Moon Hash was formed in 1999. A well-planned hash (run) should take 50 – 60 minutes, which can be, finished without difficulty by beginners as well as faster runners. Along the, way, there are short breaks at the “checks”, drink stops and song stops.
We run in and around Frankfurt, in the forest, on gravel and on asphalt.
Participants are members of all age and social groups, without regard to nationality, or religion. The international language is English. At present our members, are Americans, Brits, Finns, Japanese, Russian and German. Visitors are always, welcome. After the run, the group meets up. There are drinks (most importantly beer), and everyone discusses the run, weather and life in general. The sporting part of the Hash is then balanced with, socializing. There are no firm rules, no annual, membership fees.
We only charge  3 Euro for, every run, which is for flour, snacks and drinks.

When do we Run?
We usually run once a week:
in Summer Mondays at 7.00 pm (Mai – August)
in Winter Sundays at 2.30 pm (September-April)
Check the ‘Next Run List’ for more info and location of our next run.

Where do we Run?
Sometimes we run in the city but we usually run within half an hour up to an hour’s drive of Frankfurt. If you need a lift to get to the start of the run, please call the hare and he or she will help put you in touch with someone.

How Much?
Other than for special events the run fee is 3.00 Euros, to be paid to Hash Cash before the run.
This fee pays for beer, soft-drinks and snacks available at the circle and for any drink-stops. Occasionally, the fee will be increased to cover special events like bbqs and this is announced on the run information.
Those forgetting to pay before the run will be suitably punished!

Other Info, Check the ‘Next Run List or Facebook” for information about the next runs or ‘Next Events’ for special events.

Getting in Touch
Best and fastest way is always via our Facebook Group – Other than that you can contact “Automatic Balls (et) Bembeltown DOT de

Frankfurt Hash House Harriers Webiste:

Visiting Hasher
In case you are a visiting hasher and you couldn’t find any crash space or just want to have a bit more privacy.
Anyhow – Please feel free to contact our mismanagement for the best hotel option!

Other chapter in Frankfurt
Frankfurt Vineyard Hash House Harriers
Wine Hash weekends in usually in spring and in autumn taking place near Vineyards around the world
Frankfurt Vineyard Hash House Harriers where founded April 8, 2000 by Automatic Balls
Web: www.VineyardHash

Frankfurt Full Moon H3
Friday closest to Full Moon at 8 pm
Check the run info on our website or on facebook.

Frankfurt Hash Monday R*N #1689 – Frankfurt Rödelheim – Meet us every monday in summer in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main Area.
#OnOn #HashHouseHarriers #FrankfurtHash #FrankfurtHashHouseHarriers #ExpatsFrankfurt #FrankfurtLauftreff #FrankfurtExpats #FrankfurtRunner

The objectives of the Hash House Harriers as recorded on the original club registration card dated 1950:

To promote physical fitness among our members
To get rid of weekend hangovers
To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer
To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel

This group is all about hashing in and around Frankfurt and Rhine-Main area with Frankfurt Hash friends and sub-chapter…
– Frankfurt Full Moon ReLoaded
– Frankfurt Vineyard Hash
and others living the hash in the way it should be – our common hash traditions!

May the Hash go in Peace
On On

How it all started – Alberto Gispert
Alberto Esteban Ignacio Gispert, known to his friends as “G”, was born in London of Spanish parents on 31 July 1903. Alberto Gispert, generally regarded as the principal amongst the founders of the original Hash – KL 1938 – was an accountant by profession with Evatth & Co. with whom he worked in Singapore, Malacca, and Kuala Lumpur. While in Malacca in the early party of 1938 he took part in weekly runs with a local group called Springgit Harriers, mostly Malayan Civil Service personnel. Later that year, Gispert was transferred to Kuala Lumpur where he apparently missed his weekly run with the Malacca group, and set about trying to organise a similar group in the Malayan capital. After sometime, with the aid of Cecil Lee and ‘Horse’ Thompson, he managed to organise a new group. Nearly all runners were members of the Selangor Club, sometimes referred to as the Hash House Harriers.
Gispert, as far can be ascertained, organised the first run and appointed Cecil Lee and ‘Horse’ Thompson as Joint Masters. The group flourished and were able to celebrate their 100th run on 15 August 1941. The hares for this first Hash century were E.A. Ross and M.C. Hay.
Apart from the Harriers, Gispert’s other main involvement was with the Selangor Battalion of the Federated Malay States Volunteers, where he was a Company Commander.
In the latter half of 1941, Gispert went on leave to Australia, but returned as soon as war broke out in the Far East. By the time he reached Singapore the Selangor Battalion of the Federated Malay States Volunteers had been disbanded following the loss of most of the Malayan Peninsula, and Gispert joined the 2nd Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on 21 January 1942 where he was OC Mortar Platoon.
During the battle for Singapore, he was killed at Dairy Farm Road early on the morning of 11 February 1942, age 39. Since his body was not identified, he is probably buried here at Kranji War Cemetery in one of the graves marked “All Unknown Soldiers”. His name is inscribed here on the Memorial Wall. The intervention of the Imperial Japanese Army brought hashing to a stop on 12 December 1941. But in August 1946 the Hash was back in business with the help of Torch Bennet, Philip Wickens and Cecil Lee, all prewar hashmen., On 19 February 1962, Ian Cumming, an ex-KL hashman, founded a second Hash in Singapore. The rest, as they say, is history., We are all here because of what “G” started some 80 years ago.

Hashing in details
The HASH HOUSE HARRIERS was registered as such in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This original chapter is also commonly known as the MOTHER HASH. It is now an international non-competitive running and social club, with chapters all over the world., The philosophy as stated in the OBJECTS CLAUSE OF THE CONSTITUTION is as follows:
To promote physical fitness among our members, To get rid of weekend hangovers, To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer, To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel, To date, this is religiously followed !!!
The template for a hash run is loosely based on the paper chase and known in the club as hare hunting. One or more hashers (the “hares”) lay out a running trail, that the rest of the club (pack or ‘hounds’) follows. The trail may include false trails (check-backs), short cuts (or splits), breaks, and checks (a marking on the trail that requires the pack to search the area to discover the connection of the trail. These features are designed to keep the pack together regardless of fitness levels or running speed. This is followed by a circle where the hares are assessed and rewarded with a drink, recalcitrant members are brought up and punished with a drink and announce ments made, all in good fun.

Basically like a Paper Chase
The organization of the Hash House Harriers is decentralized, with each chapter (also called kennels) locally managed and with no higher-level organizational hierarchy or central controlling organisation. There are more than 1700 kennels with at least one Hash in most major cities in the world. Yet, rules and practices are mostly similar. Local, regional and international events can be organised and held in large numbers.

Herein lies the uniqueness of the Hash. A worldwide camaraderie of hashers with no formal structure, getting together for a common purpose.

Hashers frequently describe themselves as ‘a drinking club with a running problem’, and the social element of hashing is of equal importance to the running. The seriousness of the running and of the drinking varies with each Kennel. Some Kennels focus on running while other focus on drinking. The length and difficulty of runs varies accordingly between each Kennel.

Practices also vary from chapter to chapter, country to country. What follows is true for most chapters.

Several regional directories or international directories have been published with Hash Contact information, although the Internet has become the primary source of hashing information.

Each chapter has its members who pay a subscription. This includes the drinks after the runs and other freebies given occasionally. But generally no membership or reservation is required to join a group and being a guest is welcome, for a fee. Typically all that is needed is to find out the time and location of the start; either by emailing a current member, viewing the group website, calling the information phone line if available, and just showing up. Most groups conduct a “chalk talk” where introductions are made and the system of hash marks is explained to new hashers and visiting hashers who may be used to a different system of marking. The exception to this would be special events, such as camp out, pub crawls, etc., that require significant pre-planning of food and beverages, however even then walk-ins are generally welcome.

Chapters usually run weekly, but many run monthly. There are numerous celebration runs to commemorate various events. These could be local to the chapter such as a run with a uniques number, 111 or 1000 or such and festive runs. The special events could be a national hash, Nash Hash, or regional hash events.

Every two years, an international meet is organised, referred to as the InterHash. Members at one will vote for the next location and so on. Attendance recently has been about mare than 5000.

The traditional symbol of the hash is the outline of the foot, with often the words “On-On” written upon it.

More History
Hashing began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938, when a casual group of British colonial officials and expatriates, Cecil Lee, Frederick “Horse” Thomson, Ronald “Torch” Bennett, and a British accountant of Catalan descent Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert (A. S. Gispert) would meet after work on Monday evenings to run, following a paper trail, through the environs of Kuala Lumpur to get rid of the excesses of the previous weekend. There was another member of the group, John Woodrow, who is rarely credited as one of the founders as he left Malaysia after the war to return home to his family in Scotland., Sometime late in 1938, 9 Harriers were in the Hash House and it was proposed a formal name be adopted., G came up with the name. This was stated by Cecil in the interview. He said it was a jocular allusion to the Mess (bachelor’s hostel) they lived and it was alliterative (words with a rhythm).
As bachelors, they were billeted in the Selangor Club Annex, known locally as the Hash House, because of its monotonous food (hash, being an old army slang for food). What better name than the location that they were in.
Their runs were patterned after the traditional British paper chase. A hare was given a head start to blaze a trail, marking his devious way with shreds of paper, all the while pursued by a shouting pack of “harriers.” Only the hare knew where he was going… the harriers followed his clues to stay on trail. Apart from the excitement of chasing the hare and solving the clues, reaching the end was its own reward…for there these thirsty harriers would find a tub of iced beer (and, in those earlier, more forgiving days, ginger beer and cigarettes)., Hashing died out during World War II after the Japanese invasion of Malaysia, but started again shortly after the war, when the original protagonists, minus “G” who had been killed in the Japanese invasion of Singapore, re-assembled in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from a “one off” chapter, formed in the Italian Riviera, (now the Royal Milan and Bordighera Hash), hashing didn’t take off until 1962, when Ian Cumming founded the 2nd kennel in Singapore. From then on, the phenomenon started to grow, spreading through the Far East, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as Europe and North America. Hashing experienced a large growth in popularity during the mid-1970s., By the end of the 20th century, there were thousands of Hash House Harrier clubs in all parts of the world, with newsletters, directories, and even regional and world hashing conventions. This boom is owed largely to the power of the Internet to provide timely and accurate information on kennels and their events and points of contact. As of 2003, there are even two organized HHH groups in Antarctica.
Credit must be given to William “Tumbling Bill” Panton for having started and still maintaining a Hash Heritage, which is a total family tree of all the hash chapters in the world. Any chapter can find who it’s forefathers are and who the daughter hash chapters are. However, you must pass the information to Bill to have it on record.
Hashing hasn’t strayed far from its Kuala Lumpur roots. A typical hash kennel (local chapter or group) today is a loosely-organized group of 20-100 men and women, aka Harriers and Harriettes or hussies, although not all groups are co-ed, and some chapters in major metropolitan areas have well more than 100 hashers at an event. Kennel members meet to follow a trail laid by a hare (the person(s) leading the trail who leaves the appropriate marks on the ground, trees etc. for the pack to follow). While strips or pieces of paper have previously been used to mark trail, especially in jungle or off-road areas, it has generally been replaced with flour or chalk, with toilet paper often being used in residential or town areas that would make it more environmental friendly. Generally any mark used to identify the trail is called a ‘hash mark’., Hash kennels in some locations, especially in cities, recommend that the hare call the local police dispatcher before the run as a courtesy to inform them of the run. They also prefer the use of bio-degradable materials such as flour or sawdust to mark the trail in order to avoid unnecessary problems. After the anthrax scares in 2001, many groups throughout the Western world had to change the way they marked trails by using colored chalk or other materials. On August 25, 2007, a “bio-terror” alert was triggered in New Haven, Connecticut due to hashers using flour, and the two hares (who spread the flour) were charged with a felony in an event known as the Hamburger Hash Affair. A similar incident occurred in Rome., Trails are, as they mostly are, “dead” – where trail is laid entirely (or in part) in advance of the start. They could also be “live” – where the hare gets the head start (often 5-10 minutes) from the pack and sets the run as he goes. The hare would of course have pre-planned the trail and to make it interesting, the run paper would be given to the hare just as the hare starts off!! Live trails, while closer to the original Hare and Hounds tradition mentioned in “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”, are more common in the USA, while the rest of the world tends towards “dead” or pre-laid trails. The choice of “live” or “dead” trails is a subject of much controversy on the various hash-related discussion groups., There may be one or more “beer stops” or “beer checks” along the way, with the hare either pre-caching a stock of beer, or having the trail go to a prearranged meeting spot with the “beer truck”, generally a personal vehicle that someone is using to transport a keg or cooler of drinks, snacks, and beer.
With a “live” trail, the general intent of the pack is to attempt to catch the hare before they finish the trail and get to the end. In efforts to do this, some pack members might “range”, or go off-trail if they can guess where the hare may go, in attempts to head off the hare. Generally such a form of athleticism is frowned on by some of the more socially minded kennels., To make the run interesting, the hare can set the trail through literally any kind of terrain, with the hares’ imagination providing the only limitation. Hashers may run through streets, back alleyways, residential areas, forests, swamps or shopping malls, ford streams, climb fences, explore storm drains, run through huge jungles and scale cliffs. The pack never knows where a trail will go or where it may lead.
A trail may be ‘A to A’, where the run starts and ends in the same place, or ‘A to B’ where the run ends in a different location and the pack is transported back to the runsite. It could even be a ‘B’ to ‘A’ run, where the pack is transported to a starting point to run back to the runsite.

Often the hare will employ several tricks in attempts to slow the pack and to keep runners and walkers together. The hare may mark an intersection – generally called a “check” – that signifies that the trail continues within a 360 degree area from that point. Several false trails may lead from that check and it is up to the front runners to “solve” the trail by going out and determining what might actually be the correct path, or “true trail”. Once the true way has been determined, then that runner may mark the check to indicate the proper direction so that anyone to come up it later (such as the walkers, other runners, or anyone arriving late) will not have to figure it out all over again.
The pack will generally carry whistles, horns, or other audible means of communicating in order to assist each other on trail and keep from getting lost. A member of the pack calling out “Are you?” means to know if another individual is searching for the true trail, typically near a check (or intersection), or is on the correct path. Someone will typically call out either “Checking!” to indicate that they are looking for the trail or “On-On”, or blow their whistle or horn three times, to signify that they are on the true trail and that the pack should follow them. Otherwise, the member may shout “Flying!” or give a couple of “wing flaps” with their arms indicate that they have abandoned the true trail in search of a short cut in which case, others should only follow at their own risk.
Every Hash House employs its own set of marks and the names for these marks may vary widely, so Hashers visiting another pack should check the local signs before the run. Traditionally, new runners or visitors will have the local markings explained to them before the run at a “chalk talk”.
In some chapters, the hares are present at the start of the run. They will give some trail-specific advice, too, such as rare markings used, or particular encounters such as a swimming hole.
Trails do get awry or completely shot up. This could happen if the runs were too long, too short, checks were too difficult, too easy, trails inadvertently criss-crossing, paper not sufficient, paper missing, earlier running chapter papers not picked causing confusion, or anything that makes runners straggling back with unmentionable remarks., It is generally accepted that runs must be between 1.0 and 1.5 hours for the front runners. Others usually come in within 30 minutes after. If the run is too short or exceeds the time limit, the hare would have to do a fine run later.

Although some (but perhaps very few) of today’s health-conscious hashers drink water or a diet soda, a trail’s end is still a predominantly alcoholic drinking occasion. The exception would be found at a family hash…. and even then. At trail’s end hashers gather to drink beer, soft drinks before or after the beers and generally have a chinwag. This is always about the run, how good it was, how bad it was, how well the hare set it and how it could have been better, how they would have set it, who did what silly thing on the run etc etc., In many chapters, especially in the tropics, hashers would have a wash down or even a full bath, shampoo and all!!! They would have water containers and sluice from them or nowadays, have electric showers runnning off the cigarette lighter point in the car !!!
This bathing from the different cars would indeed appear to be a ritual of sorts !!! But as the tropical runners would admit, nothing more refreshing than a wash after the run !!! In others, they just have a change of clothes., Then it is time for the “Circle” This typically consists of drinking more beer; this time ritualistically. Circles may be led by the hash Grandmaster, the group’s Religious Adviser, or by a committee of mismanagement. Traditions and the degree of rowdiness vary from hash to hash, but in general the Circle consists of awarding “Down-Downs”., A down-down is one of the oldest traditions and is a means of punishing or rewarding pretty much anything. Upon being called to do a down-down the accused must come to the middle of the circle and drink everything that they have in their vessel (generally a cup, mug, or other drinking device), to the accompaniment of a short ditty. They must do this without pause until they have consumed the whole quantity of drink (typically beer, but it can be of any drink they may have with them) or they must pour the remaining contents over their head.
Hashers enjoying the cool of the evening, The circle starts with the hare being called to the box, a small stand of beer cartons or otherwise. Comments on the run are made and in total frankness too!!!
A Down Down is then given to the hare for an enjoyable run, even if it was a total disaster.
Miscreants taking an On Down, Then hashers are called up for misdemeanors real, imagined, or blatantly made up. Humour and good sporting spirit is the general order of the circle. The true art of the ‘call’ is to make it a humourous rigmoral and start in such a way that the intended victim only realises that he/she is, at the end, the victim. The hasher called, has no right of appeal and a drink is taken anyway. Generally the activities will also include the group singing of bawdy drinking songs ofe type that can be heard in a pub, fraternity party, military get-together, rugby match, or other such social gathering. These songs are also published and distributed to members in the form of so-called Hash House Hymnals.

At the conclusion of the Circle, hashers may head to an “ON ON” “On-After” or “On-On-On”, which may be at a nearby restaurant or pub for food and more drinks. The food is usually ordered in advance and the bill is shared by all. Drinks are on individual account but it is common for hashers to put an amount in a glass as a kitty for contributors to share beer. (You can imagine what will happen to scroungers). This is the social part of the hash, and the party may last from one hour to several hours, as they tell stories, have fun, and enjoy everyone’s company.

There are said to be no rules in hashing, however several traditions have developed with a violation of such severely frowned upon and likely to invoke a punishment by way of a “down-down”.
Typically being caught in a pair of new shoes may require that one drinks from the offending shoe as penance and to make it more interesting, after the run, irrespective of the condition!!!, You Can Never Escape The Call for Wearing New Shoes !!
Other traditions which differ among chapters, include a prohibition of pointing with fingers, requiring the use of elbows or other appendages to indicate direction, and a proscription against the use of real names (aka nerd names) at any point around other hashers.
One interesting aspect of hashing (besides the running and general drinking of beer) is the use of names as assigned by the group. Though traditions may vary greatly among the groups, and some groups do not do this, it is common practice to give members a nickname. At their first hash, attendees will generally be known as “Virgin [Name]” or “New Boot [Name]” and will then be called “Just [Name]” or “No Name … [Name]” until duly named by the group. The occasion of a member’s naming by the group may occur after they have attended a specified number of hashes (e.g. 5), after they hare their first trail, or after they do something the pack deems noteworthy., Before a naming, the group may collect information concerning the individual or ask them a series of questions that can include occupation, most embarrassing moment, personal preferences, stories, or experiences. Others will then be allowed to share their own stories or knowledge concerning that individual in hopes of finding some aspect that seems to be memorable or noticeably sticks out regarding that person. Many suggestions may be offered, with the final name being chosen by vote or general group consensus with more often than not some humorous or (unfortunately) debaucherous connotation being used.

Sometimes a kennel will conduct a special event in place of a normal hash, that can consist of anything from a house party, camp out, or pub crawl. One of the more famous events is known as the ‘Red Dress Run’ and is held by most local chapters once a year. This tradition began in San Diego when a virgin (new) hasher showed up for a run wearing only a red dress (having been ill informed of what to expect). When she next returned, other hashers decided to wear a red dress as a joke; with it soon becoming an annual event and eventually spreading around the world. During this event, which can be either a normal hash run or a simple day-long pub crawl, everyone (both genders) is to wear something red and dress-like, not specifically just a red dress. Turn outs include red body latex paint to red duct tape, red sarongs, or a normal lovely summer dress, with all extremes being pretty well accepted. In Kennels that host red-dress runs, it is not unusual that it be the largest hash of the year with attendance up to 2, 000 in San Diego for a couple of years over 1500 currently in New Orleans and 500-600 in places such as Washington DC. Other variations of a theme can be seen, as kennels might also host a green dress run (often held around St. Patrick’s Day), formal dress run, lingerie hash, or a clown hash., There are also bicycle hashes or BASHes, that have been formed, based on the same principles as the running hashs, but often without the ceremonial aspects. In many countries, there may be Children Hashes for those under 16, generally with soft drinks replacing beer and many adult themes being toned down considerably. There are also “Hash-O” events that combine elements of hashing and orienteering. Not wanting to be left out, the dogs who accompany the owners have insisted on Dog Hashes or DASHes being formed.

If you are interested in a sponsorship of our club, please contact us!

Sponsors in the past have been:
Acton Sports Gear
Kirner Brauerei
Orion Erotik Shop
Possmann Apfelwein


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Amaze Expo (Formerly Known As Big Boys Toys)

Amaze Expo (Formerly Known As Big Boys Toys)

Dubai, February 28th, 2018

PHERES, Italian lifestyle, couture and fine jewelry house, announces its participation at the Dubai’s Woman’s World at Amaze Expo (Formerly known as Big Biys Toys) – known to be one of the most prestigious and extreme innovation and luxury lifestyle shows internationally from March 22nd – 24th 2018 at the Dubai International Financial Center. Visit PHERES at the VIP lounge of the show.

Guests of PHERES will be able to peruse through the one-of-a-kind fine jewelry pieces at the that have graced several magazine covers, music videos and major Hollywood red carpets, worn by celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards, Annual Grammy Awards, The Oscars, Screen Actors Guild Award, TONY Awards, American Music Awards, Emmy Awards and MTV Music Awards.

Alongside the sought-after Narcisa Pheres Fine Jewelry will be the launch of PHERES’ new line of lifestyle products consisting of a limited edition capsule collection of leather handbags and sunglasses engraved in gemstones, entirely handmade in Italy. In addition, a designer collaboration with Roméo Rodin, a French-Swiss luxury shoe brand based in Zurich, Switzerland. Combining Italian heritage and a global influence to our products, PHERES maintains an evident balance of vintage and contemporary design aesthetics with elements of the past, present and future to make each piece apprise a story of its own. “

Whilst enjoying these exclusive items, visitors will have the opportunity to meet in person PHERES’ Creative Director and Founder, Narcisa Pheres to gain a wider understanding of the idea, concept and passion that goes behind every PHERES product.

On hand to PHERES, assisting in design and manufacturing are many highly regarded skilled artisans with generations of experience, ensuring all products are of the finest quality. The creativity, skill and attention to details used when making and designing PHERES products offers certain exclusivity and gives each item its unique quality.

Website: | | |
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram: @AmazeExpo | @AmazeExpo

About Amaze Expo
Amaze Expo (Formerly known as Big Boys Toys), is the Middle East’s premier innovation and luxury lifestyle exhibition. The show displays the world’s most unique and luxurious products and services from an amazing lineup of the most innovative manufacturers.

The exhibition is unique in featuring products from 13 different categories that include Drive, Ride, Off-Road, Art, Marine, Aviation, Adventure, Wellness, Fashion, Lifestyle, Digital, Kids Lifestyle, Pet zone and Woman’s World – a complete experience that caters to every facet of refined living.

The show hosts VIPs, HNWIs as well as trade visitors offering one of the most exclusive clientele in the Middle East.

Ticket can be purchased on the website from AED 20. Tickets are available at: Along with the purchase of a ticket, guests are notified of the dress code, which further adds to the premium experience visitors are investing in.

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The exclusive Interview

Jürgen R. SchreiterThe exclusive Interview with HF Tours

An Explorer, An Adventurer and Extreme Sport Lover

Juergen R. Schreiter working on experimental art,  digital and photographic artwork,  which has been changed substantially or has even been arranged and produced on the computer, in a very particular way. ”The changes of classical photography towards digital compositions allow completely new creations as well as a wider and different range of photography. The computer can be regarded not only as a tool,  but also as a new medium to present associations.“ QuickTime-movie is able to simulate vivid impressions as well as the play with shadow. What has been distributed to different objects in the exhibition,  has been put together into a video. ”With my pieces of artwork I would like to show how far objects and forms change by using different colours. The 3D-artwork is based on digital photography. By leaving a gap between picture and the covering foil,  a vivid impression is created,  which is further increased through the play with shadow,  depending on the effect of light. By using further transparent layers this effect is further reinforced.“ Apart from the  3D-artwork

For many years now Juergen works for private customer as portrait photographer and body landscape artist.

Some impressions of his work you find here

Spiral Channels for Peace

Working as an open minded freelance artist and photographer

After many years working as a photographer and experimental art artist Juergen Schreiter did participate in the 2016 Spiral Channels.

Juergen Schreiter\’s longtime friend and artist colleague Vlado Franjević did found a phantastic and inspirational art & peace project \”The Spiral Channels\”.

Fine artist and author Vlado Franjević born in Croatia,  living in the Principality of Liechtenstein,  started to develop the project in 2004 in Estonia. In this project were in all these years involved,  with their various contributions in real and virtual spaces,  many international artists,  and other creative people. Some of the participants are very well-known in their homelands.

Spiral-Channels Support Association from the Principality of Liechtenstein got the opportunity, by arranging and organizing the Chairman of KUNSTMEILE LONGERICH, Miss Annegret Thurn, and with the cooperation and support by Odonien, btw. its founder and owner, the artist Odo Rumpf, a next interdisciplinary SPIRAL-CHANNEL project in Odonien (from the May, 20th until June, 5th, 2016). This project of Vlado Franjevic was selected as part of the cultural event series Artist in Residence AiR Odonien 2016 (AiR Project management: Julja Schneider).

The Spiral-Channels project is the intellectual property of fine and interdisciplinary artist Vlado Franjević. The project was realized for the first time in Estonia 2004. Germany is the ninth European country where this complex work in progress will be realized. In all these project years, there were involved in it, directly or indirectly, several hundreds of international artists of various genres and categories, as well as other creatives.

The project in Cologne, Germany, will be performed under the generic title SPIRAL-CHANNELS FOR PEACE based on idea of Annegret Thurn (see on the top of this site). The issue with this will be worked there is: “From Fall of the Wall to Building of Wire-Borders”.

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Personalie – SMS Frankfurt Group Travel
Jürgen Schreiter, der Firmengründer von SMS Frankfurt Group Travel und gleichzeitig Ihr Guide auf einer Reise, die Sie garantiert nie vergessen werden.

Der Marathonläufer und Extremsportler durchquerte bereits die Wüste Gobi und reiste mehrmals in die entlegensten Gebiete Russlands wie beispielsweise in die Altai-Region, zum Baikalsee, aber auch nach Barnaul, Novosibirsk und Samara. 2012 nahm Jürgen Schreiter an der Allgäu-Orient Charity-Rallye nach Aserbaidschan teil, außerdem führt er regelmäßig die bekannten Run & Visit Touren in Frankfurt durch.

Mit Jürgen Schreiter begleitet Sie ein absoluter Profi, der Sie sicher an ihr Ziel bringt.

Jürgen Schreiter
Extremsportler und Reiseprofi

Seine persönliche Bestleistung im Marathon beträgt 2 Stunden und 55 Minuten. Die 10 KM läuft er in lediglich 36 Minuten.

Fit für die nächste Extremtour mit seinen Kunden ist Jürgen Schreiter allemal. Ganz gleich, ob diese nach Zentralasien führen oder in entlegene Gegenden Russlands: Der Chef von SMS Frankfurt Group Travel ist immer mit dabei und sorgt dafür, dass seine Kunden wieder heil nach Hause kommen.

Sein Unternehmen bietet aber auch sogenannte „High End Tours“ an, beispielsweise mit einer Luxusyacht durchs Mittelmeer.

Jürgen Schreiter ist vielleicht ein verrückter Typ, der gerne seine persönlichen Grenzen austestet, jedoch plant er alle seine Touren höchst sorgfältig und bereits mehrere Monate im Voraus.

„Planung ist das A und O einer Reise, vor allem, wenn es sich um einen Abenteuerurlaub handelt. Schließlich wollen meine Kunden ihren Trip genießen, ganz gleich, wie extrem er ablaufen soll“, so Jürgen Schreiter zu seiner Überzeugung als Reiseveranstalter und Tour-Guide.

Jürgen Schreiter, Jahrgang 1964, stammt aus Frankfurt am Main und bereiste viele entlegene Gegenden in Russland, Australien, Zentralasien und die meisten Bundesstaaten der USA, unter anderem vielfach Hawaii. Beispielsweise durchquerte er die Wüste Gobi und veranstaltet an einer Survival-Camps in Sibirien an denen er natürlich auch selbst jedes Jahr teilnimmt.

In seiner Heimatstadt führt er übrigens die inzwischen sehr bekannt gewordenen “Run & VisitTouren durch, eine Mischung aus Sightseeing und Langstreckenlauf für sportliche Geschäftskunden und ebensolche Touristen.

Seit 1989 führt er seine Event und Medien-Agentur SMS Frankfurt, die neben Spezialreisen auch die Produktion von Event-Videos, Imagefilme für Unternehmen erstellt. Außerdem bietet SMS Frankfurt CDs, DVDs und USB-Sticks mit Presseunterlagen für Veranstaltungen an und außergewöhnliche Werbeartikel für Ihre Firma oder Events. Alles abgestimmt auf das Kerngeschäft Reiseveranstaltungen.

Zusätzlich engagiert sich Jürgen Schreiter stark in verschiedenen Charity-Projekten. Dabei unterstützt er neben einem Kinderheim in Wolgograd beispielsweise auch Kindergärten und Schulen auf den Philippinen mit Waren- und Sachspenden.

Weitere Informationen:

SMS Frankfurt Group Travel
Burgfriedenstrasse 17
D-60489 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon +49-69-95 90 97 00
Email Info et

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IAA FRANKFURT 2017 – Review

IAA Pkw 2017 ∣ IAA 2017 FRANKFURT

This IAA offers a glittering display of innovations like no other trade fair,“ stated Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), at the IAA’s opening press conference on September 11, 2017.

Automotive Infotainment for everyone!
The special show CarMediaWorld at the IAA 2017 in Hall 4.0 gives visitors a chance to experience the whole range of connectivity, entertainment and comfort – available for retrofitting in used cars.

Short Cuts and Highlights of this years IAA

More impressions on my channel…

About Juergen R. Schreiter
Juergen R. Schreiter is an extreme sport personality for many years and master networker and entrepreneur – A humanitarian full of charisma and compassion.

Juergen is a freelance consultant for social media and used his business network connections to launch his German-based travel platform. With his travel platform he is living his dream of sportive and adventurous trips all around the world.

As a consultant Juergen empowers individuals in presenting their most attractive ‘self’ to the world. Whether it’s in your business or personal life, Juergen can bring out the confidence you need to take on the world and thrive in it.

Juergen is enthusiastically involved in local fundraising for organizations as well as his own aid projects, including children’s charity, especially in Russia and Asia.

Find out more:
🎥 Visionary, Location Scout, Brand Ambassador | 🇩🇪🇷🇺
© Jürgen R. Schreiter, 2017 | |

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Made it to Korean TV!

Juergen Schreiter made it to Korean TV URI-NEWS!

KTO, MICE 바이어 초청 요리교실
Juergen goes Korea – This time with some Foodporn and not Gangnam Style 😉

For all my Korean friends please find more here:

한국관광공사 프랑크푸르트지사, 한식요리교실 열어

FRANKFURT】 도이칠란트 마이스(MICE) 업계전문가들이 한국관광공사가 제공한 주방용 앞치마를 두르고 낯설은 음식 만들기에 여념이 없다. 양파를 썰고 마늘을 까면서 눈물도 흘리지만 즐겁기만 하다.

한국관광공사 프랑크푸르트지사(지사장 신옥자, 이하 관광공사 프랑크푸르트지사)가 마이스(MICE) 시장개척 및 마이스 업체 관계자들과 네트워킹 구축 위한 목적으로 마이스 산업 관계자 20여명을 초청해 비빕밥 요리교실을 연 것이다.

2017년 10월12일 프랑크푸르트 소재 미코 레에(Mirko Reeh) 요리학교에서 열린 이번 요리교실은 먼저 신옥자 관광공사 프랑크푸르트지사장이 비빔밥 조리와 함께 한국의 식문화를 이해하고 또 마이스(MICE) 목적지로서의 한국의 장점을 발견해 달라고 당부했다.
이어 한국관광 홍보 영상을 시청했다.

조리강습에서는 먼저 레에 요리교실 대표가 김치 담그기 방법을 설명을 하고 미리 소금에 절여 놓은 배추에 넣을 김치속 양념을 준비하는 과정을 선보였다.

비빔밥 요리 체험에서는 비빔밥에 들어갈 야채, 나물 등 요리방법 등을 설명하고, 참가자 20여명이 각자 한가지 씩 임무를 맡아 열심히 준비했다.

요리 후에는 각자 자신의 취향에 맞는 비빔밥을 만들어 음미하며 즐겼다. 후식으로 찹쌀도넛츠가 제공됐다.
미코 레에(Mirko Reeh) 요리학교 레에 대표는 요리체험 손님들이 열심히 협조하여 성공적인 요리교실이었다며 KTO와 참가자들에게 감사의 뜻을 전했다.

한편 관광공사 프랑크푸르트지사는 오는 10월 27일 뮌헨의 ‘빌트 운드 라움(Bild und Raum)’에서 또 한 번 비빔밥 요리교실을 실시할 예정이다.

*편집자 주: MICE : 산업에서 MICE는 기업회의(Meeting), 인센티브관광(Incentive), 국제회의(Conference), 전시사업(Exhibition)을 의미하는 영어 단어에서 첫머리를 딴 것이다. 종종 MICE에서 E가 행사(Event)를, C가 컨벤션(Convention)을 지칭하기도 한다.
【유 종 헌 기자】

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Koch Event bei TV Koch Mirko Reeh


Frankfurt, 12. Oktober 2017 – Die Koreanische Zentrale für Tourismus hat zum Kochevent in die Kochschule von TV Koch Mirko Reeh eingeladen. Neben den kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten und Spezialitäten aus Korea durften wir natürlich beim Zubereiten von Kimchi, Bibimbab und Hotteok (Pancake with Cinnamon Peanut Syrup Filling) schön mitarbeiten.

Bevor es an die Gaumenfreuden ging durfte natürlich eine sehr schöne und kurzweilige Präsentation der MICE Destination Korea nicht fehlen. Fortgesetzt wurde diese dann mit Videos von Mirko Reeh’s Besuch in Korea und seinen kulinarischen Erlebnissen im Land.

Alles in allem ein sehr gelungener Abend in lockerer Atmosphäre und die leckeren Weine haben ein übriges dazu beigetragen, dass der Abend wirklich rundum perfekt war.

Auf diesem Weg nochmals einen ganz besonderen Dank an #KTO (Koreanische Zentrale für Tourismus) sowie an die ausrichtende Agentur BZ.COMM und selbstverständlich TV Koch und “EntertainerMirko Reeh.

Hier auch alle Kontakte/Adressen:

Koreanische Zentrale für Tourismus
(Korea Tourism Organization)
Baseler Straße 35-37
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Gutleutstraße 16
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Kochwelt Mirko Reeh
Wiesenstrasse 33
60385 Frankfurt

Jürgen R. Schreiter
Location Scout · Lifestyle · Visionary





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Thunder Power reveals electric vehicle range at IAA 2017

Thunder Power reveals electric vehicle range at IAA 2017

  •   Thunder Power presents its first development prototype sedan
  •   Limited launch edition coupe due on the road Q2 2019
  •   Frankfurt also hosts World Premiere of the Thunder Power SUV

    Frankfurt, Germany, September 12 2017
    : After making its debut in 2015, the international electric vehicle manufacturer Thunder Power has returned to Frankfurt to showcase the latest evolution from its premium electric vehicle range. Arriving in full test-camouflage, the first full development prototype of the Thunder Power Sedan was revealed. A stunning new electric SUV also made its world premiere. And to complete the line-up, a rolling chassis exhibited the revolutionary technology of the dedicated EV platform.

    Taking the EV further, faster
    Thunder Power combines European engineering excellence, timeless Italian design with a Zen-inspired philosophy. The all-new dedicated platform features a 125kWh battery capacity, powering the vehicle to an unprecedented range of up to 650 km (NEDC) – a benchmark for the sector. A choice of motor configurations up to a maximum of 430kW ensures no compromise in driving pleasure for forward- thinking consumers. Exterior styling matches this impressive performance with sweeping, dynamic lines forming an unmistakably powerful silhouette. The instantly recognizable grill is also an icon in the making.

    TP-01: Stunning return to IAA
    Taking a break from testing duties to make a guest appearance in Frankfurt, TP-01 is the first development prototype produced using pre-series materials and components. Its primary function is testing, development and validation of dynamic & battery performance. With mass production scheduled in under two years, the engineering process is in full swing. Since its debut at IAA 2015, the Thunder Power Sedan has been developed from the original concept vehicle with noticeable styling and aerodynamic enhancements to both the front and rear of the car giving a more mature and striking on-road presence.

    SUV: Zen-inspired design
    Designed by Thunder Power’s own in-house design team based in Milan, Thunder Power SUV “Future Vision” alpha prototype represents the shape of things to come. Benefitting from the advantages of the modular design of the dedicated platform, the SUV is than natural extension of the range to follow in the footsteps of the Sedan. A unique electrical motor and battery configuration offers unmatched levels of freedom in design – which the company refers to as Intelligent Packaging. Intelligent Packaging maximizes interior space, especially in the rear, with none of the traditional compromises. It allows a center of gravity comparable to that of a sedan, significantly increasing dynamic capabilities and driving pleasure whilst retaining all the advantages of the modern off road vehicle. And it enhances aerodynamics by optimizing air intakes, underbody and overall surface-generated drag.

    Chassis, Suspension & Space Frame: Innovation with intelligence
    Thunder Power’s core competence lies in its proprietary technologies, this includes the all-new innovative and revolutionary modular chassis and suspension system, showcased at Frankfurt.

    Engineered in Italy, the race-inspired multi-link suspension features open lower triangle architecture and a closed top triangle at the front, providing maximum flexibility for the design of the cabin. At the rear, a lower wishbone and top connecting link rod eliminate the need for the top anchor point normally found in a double triangle suspension. Each component has been manufactured using hot forging technology for optimum strength. Together, the result is a near-perfect balance of driving dynamics: high levels of comfort with the firm suspension that delivers performance car levels of ride and handling.

    Designed and developed in Germany, the Space Frame structure combines lightweight shaped aluminum with hot forged high-straight steel allowing a total weight reduction of more than 40% compared to the conventional standard.

    Limited Launch Edition Coupe
    To celebrate the launch of the Thunder Power premium electric vehicle collection, a special edition coupe is now being prepared for release. Strictly limited to just 488 cars globally, the elegant coupe features a 4WD drivetrain with torque-vectoring and is powered by a 488 kW electric powertrain. A refined and spacious interior will be sculpted from the finest Italian leather, customized to each buyer’s personal taste. And every model will have its unique serial number laser-inscribed plaque installed, making each a true collectible.

    Global manufacturing facilities
    Thunder Power recently opened their brand new manufacturing centre in Ganzhou, in south-eastern China’s Jiangxi province. A multibillion RMB joint venture with the Gannan state industrial fund, the facility provides an emphatic demonstration of the company’s long term commitment to China and the wider Asia Pacific region. In Europe, meanwhile, Chairman & CEO Wellen Sham has signed an agreement with Mr Jordi Baiget, the Catalan Minister for Business and Knowledge for the construction of a second manufacturing site based in Catalonia, Spain. Thunder Power’s affiliate company Electric Power Technology has also recently come to an agreement with the Taoyuan City government to build a new battery pack manufacturing facility in Taiwan.

    A word from the Chairman
    Speaking at the IAA, Thunder Power Chairman & CEO Wellen Sham says he expects the line up to have a major impact on the booming EV market. “Thunder Power is a new force in the EV industry. We are dedicated to creating outstanding electric vehicles which eliminate the compromise faced by current models. At the same time, we attach great importance to restoring a harmonious balance between modern day transportation and the preservation of nature.”

    “IAA Frankfurt is one of the highest profile motor shows, known for showcasing the latest trends and technological industry highlights. So it’s a perfect setting for the world premiere of our debut line up of premium electric vehicles to the world’s media, investors and consumers.”

    About Thunder Power
    Thunder Power is a technology innovator and manufacturer of premium electric vehicles.
    Its core technology competence lies in the fields of battery management, thermal management and chassis development, with over 100 patents granted and over 250 filed. By combining in-house proprietary technologies with world-class European engineering and design team, Thunder Power has created a dedicated electric vehicle architecture from the ground up.

    Drawing on the expertise of an international team of world class designers and engineers, with R&D facilities in Italy and China, Thunder Power commits to be a technology pioneer, pushing the boundaries and showcasing the future. Without compromise, complications or limits.

    Thunder Power Website

    Follow my YouTube channel here:

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Evakuierung Frankfurt – Größter Bombenfund

Evakuierung Frankfurt – Größter Bombenfund

Frankfurt, 3. September 2017In Frankfurt am Main (Hessen) wird heute am Sonntag eine Weltkriegsbombe entschärft, die etwa 1,8 Tonnen wiegt. Rund 70.000 Menschen müssen ihre Wohnungen verlassen. Auch Krankenhäuser und Altenheime sind betroffen.

Wegen der Entschärfung der am Universitäts-Campus Westend entdeckten Luftmine müssen am Sonntag fast 70.000 Bürger ihre Häuser und Wohnungen verlassen. „Wir gehen von ungefähr 69.000 Betroffenen aus”, sagte Frankfurts Polizeisprecher Alexander Kießling.

Wir haben große Sorge, dass es Menschen gibt, die unsere Warnung nicht ernst nehmen“, sagte Ordnungsdezernent Markus Frank (CDU) auf einer Pressekonferenz. Der Kampfmittelräumdienst kann erst entschärfen, wenn die Polizei sicher ist, dass sich niemand mehr im 1,5 Kilometer weiten Evakuierungsradius aufhält. Wen die Polizei nach 8 Uhr noch antrifft, dem erteilt sie einen Platzverweis – oder nimmt ihn gleich mit.

Der Zeitplan sieht bislang so aus: Ab 6 Uhr bis 8 Uhr Evakuierung. Bis 12 Uhr Kontrolle durch die Polizei. Nur wenn das Sperrgebiet menschenleer ist, beginnt der Kampfmittelräumdienst mit der Entschärfung, die bis 16 Uhr dauern soll. Zwischen 18 und 20 Uhr sollen die Bewohner zurückkehren dürfen.

Wo ist die Sperrzone?
Sie wird am Sonntag ungefähr im Umkreis von 1,5 Kilometern um den Fundort der 1,8 Tonnen schweren Luftmine mit 1,4 Tonnen Sprengstoff eingerichtet. Bis spätestens 8 Uhr sollten alle Anwohner das Sperrgebiet verlassen haben. Dann kontrolliert die Polizei, ob sich wirklich niemand mehr dort aufhält, unter anderem hilft dabei ein Hubschrauber mit Wärmebildkamera. Tausende Beamte und Helfer von Technischem Hilfswerk und anderen Rettungsorganisationen werden im Einsatz sein. Wer sich weigert, wird notfalls von Polizisten zum Verlassen der Zone gezwungen. Auch die etwa 100 Gäste eines Luxushotels müssen weichen. Ihnen werde angeboten, bereits am Samstagabend in andere Hotels der Accor-Gruppe umzuziehen, hieß es von der Hotelleitung.

Was passiert, wenn die Entschärfung schiefgeht?
„Wir gehen fest davon aus, dass die Bombe planmäßig entschärft wird“, erklärt die Feuerwehr. Doch auch für den gegenteiligen Fall seien alle vorbereitet. „Der Sachschaden wird hoch sein; Personenschaden haben wir dann durch die Evakuierung verhindert.

Haus- und Autobesitzer müssen sich über Sachschäden keine großen Sorgen machen. Kriegsschäden, und dazu gehört auch ein explodierter Blindgänger sieben Jahrzehnte später, sind zwar eigentlich nicht versichert. Dem Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft zufolge werden solche Schäden in der Regel aber über die Hausratversicherung abgedeckt. „In der Vergangenheit haben die Versicherer solche Schäden immer übernommen“, heißt es. Mögliche Schäden an geparkten Autos ersetze die Teilkaskoversicherung.


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11. SkyRun Messeturm Frankfurt

11. SkyRun Messeturm Frankfurt am 11.06.2017

Frankfurt, der 11.06.2017 – Den Messeturm SkyRun hatte ich schon sehr lange auf meiner Liste, leider habe ich den Anmeldeschluß immer wieder verpaßt und auch dieses Mal war es mehr als nur knapp. Glücklicher Weise war der Veranstalter sehr freundlich und entgegenkommend. So bin ich dann noch als “allerlertzter” Läufer mit auf die Starterliste gekommen.

Der SkyRun im Messeturm ist zwar nicht mein erster Treppenlauf, dafür aber mit seinen 222 Metern der höchste (längste) Treppenlauf den ich bis jetzt gemacht habe.
Bisher habe ich drei Treppenläufe erfolgreich gefinisht, darunter 2 Mal den Henninger Turm Run Up (wobei es sich hier um den klassischen Henninger Turm handelt und nicht um diesen merkwürdigen und kalten Henninger Turm Neubau der Immobilien Haie) und 1 Mal den Marriott Hotel Run Up – Allerdings sind diese Events schon ewig her, also mal wieder an der Zeit das Treppensteigen zu üben.

Auf geht’s…

61 Stockwerke, 1202 Stufen oder 222 Höhenmeter: Das ist die Herausforderung beim SkyRun in Frankfurt, Europas höchstem Treppenhaus-Lauf.

In dem weltweiten Grand-Prix-Zirkus nimmt der 11. SkyRun MesseTurm Frankfurt auch im laufenden Jahr wieder eine exklusive Stellung ein.

Sieht man sich die Zeiten der ewigen Bestenliste im Frankfurter MesseTurm der TOP 6 im “sprint” an, dann sind wir gespannt, ob neue vertikale Bestmarken am 11. Juni 2017 aufgestellt werden:

1. Christian Riedl (GER) 6:25,5 (2016)
2. Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 6:27,6 (2016)
3. Thomas Dold  (GER) 6:29,0 (2011)
4. Matthias Jahn (GER) 6:46,0 (2011)
5. Tomas Celko (SVK) 6:48,7 (2016)
6. Bartosz Swiatkowski (POL) 6:50,7 (2013)

1. Suzy Walsham (AUS) 7:35,2 (2014)
2. Anna Hahner (GER) 7:48:0 (2010)
3. Melanie Albrecht (GER) 8:05.0 (2012)
4. Marie-Fee Breyer (GER) 8:11,0 (2012)
5. Valentina Belotti (ITA) 8:15,0 (2012)
6. Antonella Confortola (ITA) 8:27,0 (2012)
Weitere Ergebnisse

Neben den Profis sind es im Wesentlichen Amateure, die auch mit Zeiten über 20 min ihr persönliches Erfolgserlebnis haben. Bei den Firmen-/Vereins-Mannschaften befinden sich in der ewigen Bestenliste unter den TOP 5:

Das Frankfurter Wahrzeichen
Die Frankfurter Skyline ohne MesseTurm? Unvorstellbar. Weit über Frankfurt hinaus ist der MesseTurm ein bekanntes Landmark-Building – seine Silhouette ist vielen ein vertrauter Anblick. Seine dreigeschossige Pyramide weist von weitem sichtbar den Weg in die Mainmetropole. Für die Stadt und die ganze Region ist der MesseTurm zu einem Wahrzeichen mit Symbolkraft geworden.

Ihr findet mich auch auf Facebook und YouTube.


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IMEXrun 2017

My IMEXrun 2017
Compilation of this years IMEXrun during IMEX Frankfurt.
Wonderful weather, great sunny and clear day at the Main river bank. So Ive some video impressions for you, just before the start and short cuts during my 5k IMEXrun.
IMEXrun by tlc this year Switzerland and Taipei are the destination hosts.

Watch it here

IMEX Frankfurt
IMEX in Frankfurt is the efficient, one-stop-shop for planners looking to book and organise worldwide meetings, events and incentive travel programmes.
n a year when the IMEX Group set out to live and breathe its 2017 Talking Point – Purposeful Meetings – exhibitor and buyer feedback suggests the new, experiential approach to IMEX in Frankfurt paid off.

From the launch of EduMonday on 15 May to the creation and expansion of registration, wellbeing, education and food services into Hall 9, this year’s IMEX was defined by positive and highly visual transformations with innovation radiating throughout the show.

Close to 9000 hosted buyers and visitors flocked to IMEX in Frankfurt for four days of focused business, education, connection and community. Total appointments between buyers and the show’s 3500 exhibitors rose to 68,500.

Following a year of planned improvements to the appointment system, focused on educating buyers about the value of giving exhibitors mini RFPs (‘appointment profiles’) in advance, 74 per cent of all buyer/exhibitor appointments were based on an appointment profile, an increase of 42 per cent.

Ray Bloom, Chairman of the IMEX Group, commented: “The strong level of business conducted here this week is evidence of the wholesale resilience and positive outlook of the market in what are challenging times all over the globe.”

From Monday to Thursday there was innovation at every turn. The introduction of EduMonday added event technology, event design certification and business masterclasses to the options available to every single participant. Along with PCMA Business School, Association Day, Exclusively Corporate and ICCA mid-year meetings, a total of 1500 people took part in the newly integrated programme.

The meeting point for the IMEXrun is the north side of the Holbeinsteg bridge over the river Main. Refer to this link for an exact location:

See the full schedule below.
IMEX’s unique “sweatworking” opportunity is back for 2017. This 5km fun run is once again taking place on the shores of the river Main as part of IMEX’s wellbeing initiatives.

We encourage IMEX attendees to join the IMEXrun and balance an intense week of business with healthy physical activity.

The IMEXrun concept was developed by events by tlc, an event specialist with offices in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Florida who are inspired by healthy lifestyle trends and the unifying power of sports.

Use the #IMEXrun hashtag on social media to share your good vibes!

Thank you to our team sponsors Switzerland and Taipei.

Hashtags of the event:
#IMEX17 #IMEXrun #eventsbytlc

Tracht & Country Frühjahr 2017 Salzburg

Tracht & Country Frühjahr: Die neuen Kollektionen Herbst/Winter 2017/2018

Weltleitmesse im Messezentrum Salzburg mit rund 250 Ausstellern aus mehr als zehn Ländern +++ Neukonzipierte Halle 1 mit Trendmodenschau und Alpinem Lifestyle Center +++ NEU: Unser Marktplatz +++ Trachten Rookie Challenge 2017 mit eigener Modenschau +++

SALZBURG (15. Februar 2017). – Zukunft braucht Herkunft. Das dürfte eines der Erfolgsgeheimnisse sein, warum Tracht und Mode des alpinen Lifestyles so erfolgreich sind. Auch die Kollektionen Herbst/Winter 2017/18 tragen diesem Verständnis Rechnung – mit dem Blick nach vorne, aber Traditionen in Ehren haltend, der Zeit stets angepasst. Zu sehen sind sie vom 24. bis 26. Februar 2017 bei der Tracht & Country Frühjahr im Messezentrum Salzburg, wenn die Weltleitmesse für alpinen Lifestyle zur Bühne für rund 250 Aussteller und ihre Neuheiten wird. Veranstalter Reed Exhibitions erwartet dazu rund 3.500 Fachbesucher, davon mehr als die Hälfte aus dem Ausland. Mit Facheinkäufern unter anderem aus Deutschland, Frankreich, der Schweiz, Kanada und den USA ist die Tracht & Country die internationalste aller Fachmessen am Standort Salzburg. Mit einem speziellen Hosted Buyer-Programm unterstützt die Tracht & Country den Messeaufenthalt der internationalen Kunden – sie erleben Messebesuch und Mozartstadt Salzburg im attraktiven Doppelpack.

NEU: Halle 1 mit kreativem Neukonzept
Die Halle 1 im Messezentrum Salzburg erstrahlt nach dem Umbau nicht nur in neuem Glanz, die Tracht & Country Frühjahr nutzt dies auch gleich für einen gestalterischen Relaunch. Als ultimatives Zentrum für junge, mutige Ideen beherbergt die Halle 1 nicht nur das Alpine Lifestyle Center, wo Designer mit dem Zusammenspiel von kulturellem Erbe und Fashion-Avantgarde für Überraschung in der Trachtenmode sorgen. Hier findet erstmals auch im Frühjahr die Trendmodenschau mit 15 teilnehmenden Firmen inmitten der Halle statt (jeweils um 11 und um 14 Uhr). Und mit „Unser Marktplatz“ kommt ein gänzlich neues Element dazu.

NEU: Unser Marktplatz
Bei „Unser Marktplatz“ werden Produkte von Unternehmen präsentiert, die nachhaltig produzieren, handeln und denken, sich ihrer Region verpflichten – vom Rohstoff bis zur Arbeitskraft – und denen Qualität und Tradition wichtig ist. „Unser Marktplatz“ bietet alles, was einen klassischen Marktplatz ausmacht. Er befindet sich im Zentrum der Halle 1, mitten im Messegeschehen. Hier kann man nicht nur ordern, sondern direkt vor Ort kaufen. Somit können die Fachbesucher ganz nebenbei tolle Produkte aus der Region für sich, ihre Verkaufsräume und ihre Kunden entdecken. „Unser Marktplatz“ verbindet durch seine zentrale Lage das Beste aus den Welten der Tracht & Country und der in den Nebenhallen stattfindenden creativ salzburg. „Unser Marktplatz“ ist für Fachbesucher beider Messen zugänglich. Alle weiteren Infos unter

Trachten Rookie Challenge 2017
Die Trachten Rookie Challenge geht heuer in ihre dritte Runde. Erneut bekommen junge Talente und Newcomer die Chance, ihre Designs vor internationalem Fachpublikum zu präsentieren. Die Teilnehmer zeigen sich und ihre Kollektionen während der Messe an ihren Ständen in Halle 1 und zusätzlich bei der Rookie Modenschau, die täglich um 12.30 Uhr in Halle 1 stattfindet. Während der Messe sind Fachbesucher eingeladen, sich die Teilnehmer genau anzusehen und vor Ort abzustimmen, wer das vielversprechendste Talent ist. Die Verleihung des Trachten Rookie 2017 findet am Sonntag, 26. Februar, statt. Und hier geht es zu den diesjährigen Teilnehmern der Challenge:

Neue Namen, neue Ideen
Insgesamt 13 neue Labels nutzen bei der Tracht & Country Frühjahr 2017 die Chance, Einkäufer und Geschäftsinhaber von ihren Kreationen zu überzeugen. Hier ein kleiner Auszug, was die Neuen mit im Gepäck haben:

Arthouse“ hat mit der Marke „Chillout“ Produkte wie Handschuhe, Hüte, Mützen, Kappen, Stirnbänder, Tücher und Schals im Sortiment und ist in der Halle 6, Stand 0105, zu finden. Begonnen hat die Geschichte des Bayerischen Unternehmens 1998 in einer Garage, bevor 2003 die Marke „Chillout“ ins Leben gerufen wurde.

DONANI“ hat sich auf Tuchspangen spezialisiert, mit denen Tücher stilvoll gebunden werden. Sie sind ein einzigartiges Accessoire, da sie funktionell sind und gleichzeitig als Schmuckstück getragen werden. Durch verschiedenste Bindetechniken kann jeder seine persönliche Individualität zum Ausdruck bringen – zu sehen in Halle 1, Stand 0402.

DO Dali Oleschko“ ist Trachtencouture made in Austria und in Halle 1, Stand 0418 beheimatet. Höchste Sorgfalt bei der Auswahl der Stoffe und deren Qualität bei der Verarbeitung stehen bei der Designerin an erster Stelle. Jedes neue und ganz persönliche Lieblingsstück ist in liebevoller Handarbeit entstanden. Pure Leidenschaft steckt darin, viel Liebe zum Detail sowie meisterliche Handwerkskunst.

Landhausmode, Strick und Trachtenmode – hauptsächlich Blazer, Jacken und Strick – sind der Schwerpunkt von „Flexknit“, einem führenden Hersteller von Strickwaren mit Hauptsitz in Madagaskar und gleichzeitig lokaler und persönlicher Betreuung aus Düsseldorf. Zu sehen sind die Kreationen in Halle 1, Stand 0507.

Pracht in Tracht Angela Weck Trachtenmanufaktur“ aus München in Halle 1, Stand 0404, zeigt Trachtengehröcke und Trachtenoberteile.

Artur Schnabel“ in Halle 6, Stand 0207, ist seit mehr als 100 Jahren auf die Herstellung von Metallprägungen und Schleuderguss spezialisiert. Besonderen Wert legt das Unternehmen auf die naturgetreue Darstellung seiner Modelle. Die komplette Produktpalette umfasst zurzeit ca. 30.000 verschiedene Artikel. Entwickelt werden sowohl eigene Designs als auch spezielle Kundenwünsche in Groß- und Kleinserie. Alle Produkte werden in der Firma mit Sitz in Kaufbeuren entworfen, angefertigt und produziert.

Eagle Products“, Halle 1, Stand 0319, versteht sich als Manufaktur für Schals und Tücher. Dazu gehören sorgfältigste Fertigung und Endkontrolle eines jeden einzelnen Stücks. Made in Germany ist dem Unternehmen ein wichtiges Anliegen. Alle Arbeitsgänge – vom Entwurf, dem Färben, dem Weben, dem Ausrüsten, und all den kleinen Stufen, bis die Produkte an den Kunden verschickt werden können – werden im Hause oder bei guten Partnern in nächster Umgebung ausgeführt.

Die junge Firma „Wiesntraum“ in Halle 1, Stand 0307, ist ein Taschenlabel, das 2015 von René Kerkhoff und Tobias Thiermann in München gegründet wurde. Spontane Einfälle erweisen sich oft als die besten: Die Firma entstand, als die Mutter eines Gründungsmitglieds zum neuen Dirndl für den Wiesnbesuch keine passende Handtasche fand. So wurde 2014 die Idee geboren, Handtaschen und Trachten-Accessoires für die Wiesn-Zeit, aber auch für den Rest des Jahres zu entwerfen, die Design, Individualität, Natur und Qualität miteinander verbinden.

Einen Überblick über alle Aussteller der Tracht & Country Frühjahr 2017 gibt es unter Unter „Neue Aussteller“ sind alle Details zu den Newcomern zu finden.

Branchenabend am Freitag
Einer der Gründe, warum Fachmessen auch im Online-Zeitalter so erfolgreich sind, ist die Möglichkeit des direkten persönlichen Kontakts zwischen Einkäufern und Anbietern der Branche. Zum guten Austausch unter Branchenkollegen trägt auch der traditionelle Branchenabend zum Abschluss des ersten Messetages wesentlich bei. Der Abend steht diesmal unter dem Motto „a tribute to oleana/norway“, einem langjährigen Strickwaren-Aussteller der Tracht & Country aus dem hohen Norden Europas.

Alle weiteren Infos unter

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Wertheim Village Christmas Shopping with Juergen Schreiter

Wertheim Village Factory Outlet Cities Christmas Shopping with Juergen Schreiter

Wertheim Village Factory Outlet Cities
Leading and exclusive brands offer their surplus and previous season collections at reduced prices in a shopping area of 27.000m². The slogan of Wertheim Village reads as follows: “Based on brands and price conscious shopping“.

A Tourist Information centre is located near the entrance of the Village. They will help regarding the city, events, hotel bookings, leisure, sightseeing and holiday vocations will be answered at the Tourist Information Centre.

More than 1.800 free parking places are available for the “Smart Shopper” of the Outlet shopping Village.

All shopping tourists of the Wertheim Village can use  free bus connection between the Village and the old Town Wertheim. Visitors are able to use sightseeing tours to the impressive castle ruin and further sights as well as visiting diverse gastronomy. Combine your shopping tour to the Wertheim Village with a visit to the pictorial downtown of Wertheim.

About Wertheim Village:
Total sales area: about 27.000m²
Number of Outlets: about 110 (visit Wertheim Outlet Stores for Details)
Visitors each year: 2,5 Mio
Federal state: Baden Württemberg

Specials: Exclusive shopping scenery
Shopping hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm

🎥 Visionary, Location Scout, Brand Ambassador | 🇩🇪🇷🇺
© Jürgen R. Schreiter, 2016 | ||

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Big Boys Toys Expo 2016

Big Boys Toys Expo 2016
Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan bin Mabarak Al Nahayan

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-21 um 09.24.28

The Top 10 Products to See at BBT 2016
Big Boys Toys, has something for everyone spread across an array of 11 categories that will be featured during the course of four days! For its 7
th edition, this year, the BBT 2016 platform will be exhibiting the best of products the world has to offer! Here are some of the cool products and launches that the visitors will get to witness:

Letrons – Exhibiting perfect Turkish engineering and innovation at its best – BBT 2016 is hosting the Global Launch of Letrons – a road legal car that transforms into a robot, with in-built robotic features engineered to be the first and only of its kind in the world!

Liberty Vehicle Technologies – Hosting the Launch of the World’s Fastest Hybrid Supercar at BBT 2016, this amazing production is limited to just 25 vehicles. With 920Engineering [920E], a LIBERTY brand, this supercar is inspired by the iconic T1, offering ferocious performance characteristics. With precision engineering, active aerodynamics, high performance braking and an all-wheel drive system, this platform combines the worlds of luxury, fast jets and race cars putting them into a unique vehicle to show power & beauty!

Marine Turbine Technologies brings to the BBT platform, the fastest street legal production bike in the world! The MTT 420 RR (Race Ready) comes with a 402+ KPH (250+ MPH) money back guarantee and offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the Rolls-Royce 250 C-20B turbine engine. MTT is also the original designer and manufacturer of the Y2K Turbine Superbike which is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most expensive production motorcycle ever made.

Khalifa Boat – For the first time ever, the Khalifa Boat designed by Nasser Al Marzouqi will be revealed and launched at this super show.  Designer Nasser Al Marzouqi has created a high speed boat that has been styled to look like an extremely sporty car with the aerodynamics of an airplane. The Khalifa Boat can be found under the ‘Marine Category’ at Big Boys Toys.

Metal-Master, successfully constructs the World’s Smallest and Fastest Single-Engine Jet.  FLARIS LAR01, is able to take-off and land even on very short, grass runways surpassing all other jets that have been produced so far. It has also been equipped with a unique and modern parachute system for safety.

CSE Entertainment (Athene Exergaming) – A Finnish innovation, designed to bring meaningful content and motivation for training. The concept of exergaming combines various fitness and rehabilitation equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, etc.) with virtual and video environments, sports applications and advanced motion control.

Boganyi Piano The Bogányi piano is a beautiful departure from tradition into modern design and advanced technology. Made to be a high performance grand piano that is beautiful on the eye and the ear, this masterpiece combines industrial innovation and musical artistry with state-of-the-art technology to make one of the biggest piano redesigns in over 150 years.

Genovation Cars Inc. – The World’s First Street Legal Electric Car to exceed 200mph! Designed with a passion for power, Genovation’s objective is to provide its customers with safe, sustainable automobiles that do not compromise their driving independence. These automobiles combine cutting-edge green technology with very lightweight and aerodynamic frames and bodies.

Penguin – introduces the World’s First Compact Semi Submarine that helps you discover a new way to enjoy the ocean. This semi-submarine enables you to travel the ocean for leisure offering you an underwater ride without any equipment!

SuperATV – Specializing in UTV parts and accessories and being leaders of aftermarket providers, SuperATV unveils the hill killer built ready for battle! Designed to be a hill climbing and rock bouncing machine this outdoor adventure shows off performance, reliability, quality and innovation.

Don’t miss out! Buy your tickets today to Experience the Unbelievable.

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Luxury Lifestyle Supershow

Experience the Unbelievable at Big Boys Toys
The Luxury, Innovations and Technology Expo

Today I want to introduce you into the world of super toys or simply “Big Boys Toys”.
From 23-26 November in Abu Dhabi will take place this unique and unbelievable trade show for luxury toys, this year already for the seventh time.

Because of other travel commitments and events Iam unable to participate, but I want to give you a brief overlook and may be it attracts you as it attracts me.

Here are my favorite categories:

So if you have time… Don’t miss your chance to visit this years Big Boys Toys Expo.

The 7th edition of The Middle East’s premier Luxury Lifestyle supershow is back with the world’s newest, rarest and most unique innovations and state of the art products from a across 11 categories.

Super Bike #BBT2016

BBT2016 brings you, for the first time ever, the Global Launch of a Transformer!, An unbelievable experience with features such as Neck and Head Movement, Robot Transformation, Remote Control Software and more.

In addition to this exclusive launch, the show is also a gateway into the most unique and innovative products, displaying the best of the best the world has to offer such as The World’s Fastest Street Legal Bike, The Global Launch of the World’s Fastest Supercar, The Launch of the Khalifa Boat with Supercar Features, 3D Printed Instruments and more!, Biju Jayaraaj, the CEO of Artaaj (Organizers of the supershow) stated: “Our visitors will be a part of an exclusive journey in experiencing the world’s most unbelievable inventions. The event offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to view an amazing lineup of products under one roof., We are very fortunate to host the world’s most unique creations and urge you to buy your tickets now as only a limited number will be available.”, Bigger and better than ever before, the event is expected to attract over 200 exhibitors from over 36 countries. The seventh edition of the Big Boys Toys Exhibition will take place in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from 23-26 November, 2016.


Big Boys Toys Galleryclick here

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Big Boys Toys Mega Car #BBT2016

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7 Places to visit in Iceland

7 Places to visit in Iceland

Iceland is an excellent place to diversity everywhere. This land is full of volcanoes, lakes and glaciers. It’s amazing to see lakes that appear green in Iceland who can win any heart. Some excellent waterfalls look beautiful when the clean, clear waterfalls from them. Some fast-flowing rivers add to the natural beauty of this fantastic place. The area is equipped with a pleasant and endowed with a natural beauty environment. People from all over the world visit this place to explore the excitement and natural beauty of this place. Tourists have received a warm heart in Iceland, and residents have a friendly behaviour towards each tourist. The amazing thing about this place is that although it is covered with volcanoes, however, there are several glaciers around Iceland.

Pedelec Adventures Iceland Challenge 2013

Pedelec Adventures Iceland Challenge 2013

Iceland is truly blessed with diversity. You will find some amazing things in Iceland, which can not be found anywhere else in this world. You may wonder that the climatic condition of Iceland should be too cold because the poles, but actually it is not. Iceland is blessed with a moderate climate. It is simply possible because warm south-west winds and the Gulf Stream. Iceland has the oldest parliament in the world. This is amazing, but true. It is also incredibly accurate that hydropower is critical in Iceland. This country meets its energy needs through hydropower and also through geothermal water reserves. Iceland is as big as Virginia both population wise and prudent area. Tourists from around the world visit this place just to explore the natural beauty of this place that can not be seen anywhere else. Natural water geysers are incredible to see in Iceland. You can also explore the geothermal spas and whales in Iceland. If you are crazy for glaciers below waterfalls Iceland is a perfect destination for you.

Iceland is simply amazing and has something or the other for all tourists. You can make your trip a memorable one by visiting this place during the tourist season. Reykjavik is the best time to visit Iceland, as it has lightening and entertainment all over the place. The whole Iceland experience the atmosphere of fun and entertainment this season. You may even be lucky enough to see the entertainment show held during this time in Iceland. This show is called as Nights of light and is very fun to watch.

Here are seven places to visit in Iceland

  1. Gullfoss is the most famous of the mythical waterfalls of Iceland and will be the first attraction Icelandic that any native who usher too. The falls cascade 105 feet in a stunning canyon. The mist rises from the base, and on clear days, the nice sun casts beautiful rainbow arches across the breadth of the falls.
  1. No visit to Iceland is complete without a day in the capital city of Reykjavik, the cultural centre of the nation. Here you can spend a day exploring the city’s many museums, dine at the symbol of the city, Pearl, and spend the night drinking in one of the bars or dance stylish Reykjavik in one of its nightclubs jumps.
  2. Thingvellir National Park, located about 40 minutes west of Reykjavik, is Iceland’s oldest national park. It is a protected area of ​​historical importance deep square mile lake and 52 hiking trails along the lava fields.
  1. The Great Geysir (from which the word “geyser” originates) is the world’s largest fountain and is easily accessible by bus in Reykjavik. The Great Geysir was formed in 1300; although now only erupts on special occasions (engineering), the nearby Strokkur erupts every 30 minutes for those wishing to take some photos.
  1. The Blue Lagoon, located about 15 minutes from Keflavik International Airport, is a long-time favourite of visitors to Iceland, especially those who want to test the idea that the algae bath salts, silica and minerals is reconstituting to health. The lagoon is in the middle of a moss covered lava field, and the Sea gets its water from 2,000 meters below the surface. Whole families can bathe together here in the peaceful and quiet water.
  1. Iceland is the most active part of the oval Aurora in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that every time there is a clear sky, Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, can be see lighting the sky with their colours and shapes vibrant and bright. Iceland has well placed Northern Lights viewings, but bus tours are also offered for those who want to “chase” these lights and see in the variable splendour.
  1. In medieval Europe, Mount Hekla, entrance to hell was felt and feared by the locals. But now visitors flock eagerly to this volcanic mountain is 4,892 feet high and erupted for the last time in February 2000. The volcano towers over the lowlands, and its unusual peak, flat, ridged is often wrapped in a cloud bank, which explains the name of the “Hekla” or “hooded” volcano.
Kristal Ice Cave

Kristal Ice Cave

One of the most agreed historical theories about Iceland is that the first visitors who discovered Iceland were monks who came from Scotland in the eighth century. However, the first human settlement in Iceland was at the end of the ninth century. Many of the people who remained first in Iceland came from Norway and Ireland. Lots of travelers began touring Iceland because of its unique environment. Frozen rivers cover more than 10% of the entire surface of Iceland. Some of these rivers receive hot springs in their outlets which is one of the most natural landscapes unmatched worldwide.

Another striking feature is that Iceland is the only place in the world where you can see the sun at midnight! Yes, the sun shines all day Iceland in June, while in December; the sun shines almost all night. These exceptional environments attract many travelers to spend a holiday in Iceland. In winter, guests traveling to Iceland Aurora can see these amazing pink, yellow, green, and blue lights coming from the North and South poles. Where in the world would be invited to find beaches of black volcanic sand, this only happens in Iceland. Although the winter season in the country is very cold, many tourists prefer to holiday in Iceland when the ice with its bright white colour, covers almost everywhere, in contradiction with black volcanic lava. Of course, the winter season is the best time for ice skating in Iceland, with many beautiful places specified for skiing, Discover fun activities and huge discounts in your city with Groupon. Check out great deals on things to do from kids activities to nightlife; try out new restaurants, spas, massages and hair salons near you, or plan a trip away from home.

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Trips to Iceland & Greenland by SMS-Frankfurt Group Travel


Jungfrau Marathon 2016

24. Jungfrau Marathon 2016
Mein 22,5ter Jungfrau Marathon – Einer meiner “schlimmeren” Läufe – Was für eine Hitzeschlacht

Die Berglauf-Weltmeisterin Martina Strähl aus Oekingen/SO gewinnt mit 3:19.15 Stunden den 24. Jungfrau-Marathon und stellt einen neuen Streckenrekord auf. Bei den Männern gewinnt Robbie Simpson (GBR) mit 3:00:11 vor Birhannu Mekonnen (ETH) und dem Schweizer Stephan Wenk.

Interlaken, 10. September 2016 – Die eigentliche Wettervorhersage lautete auf Bewölkung und Regen ab Mittag… Schon zum Start erwartete uns aber strahlender Sonnenschein und wie üblich für Interlaken eine, recht hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit. Für die ersten 10 Kilometer bedeutete das ungeschützt der Sonne ausgesetzt zu sein. Erst dann kamen wir immer mal wieder in den Genuß von etwas Schatten.
Bis zur Halbmarathon Distanz in Lauterbrunnen lag ich noch gut in meinem Zeitplan für 5:30h (Ziel – Sollzeit “Wunschzeit”), auch die darauf folgenden nächsten 5 Kilometer liefen nach Plan. Ab Kilometer 26 allerdings musste ich an den längeren Steigungen doch Tribut zollen für das vielleicht etwas zu schnelle Tempo auf den ersten 25 Kilometern.
Eigentlich nehme ich regelmäßig auf dieser langen Steigung mein zweites Power Gel zu mir, durch die Hitze hatte ich aber weder Appetit darauf noch war mein Magen bei dem Gedanken daran sehr begeistert. So hielt ich mich bei den darauffolgenden Verpflegungstellen lediglich an Colo und Boullion. Mein Hungergefühl wurde zwar immer größer, mein Brechreiz schobn beim Gedanken an jegliche Nahrung aber auch!
In Wengen, bei Kilometer 30 überlegte ich mehr als nur einmal hier dem Leiden ein Ende zu bereiten… aber die Sehnsucht nach dem Ziel war größer. Insbesonders bestärkte mich meine verbleibende “Restzeit” zum Weiterlaufen. Grob im Kopf kalkuliert müsste ich es in jedem Fall vor Zielschluß auf die Kleine Scheidegg schaffen.
So hielt ich die Luft an, dass ich keinen Hungerast oder Unterzuckerung bekomme. Ab der Verpflegungsstelle Wixi-Lift ca. Kilometer 38 wurde ohnehin nur noch im Gänsemarsch über die Gletschermoräne marschiert.
Am höchten Punkt bei Kilometer 41 angelangt konnte ich nun auch schon die Lautsprecheransage aus dem Zielbereich hören. Dies mobilisiert die allerletzten Kräfte, obwohl ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt überhaupt nicht mehr sagen konnte wo es mir am meisten weh tut. Also legte ich noch einen kleine Zielspurt hin und kam mit 6:25:04 Std. in Ziel.
Den Zusammenschnitt und Impressionen meiner Jungfrau-Marathon Läufe findet Ihr auf meinem YouTube Kanal.

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Oktoberfest Fashion

Oktoberfest Fashion in Frankfurt
Where to find German Oktoberfest Fashion in Frankfurt

The official Oktoberfest Souvenirs 2016, For all collectors and Oktoberfest fans the must-have of the season: The official Oktoberfest souvenirs 2016.

Yesterday we had a nice shooting with our new model from Ethiopia presenting my latest Frankfurt Oktoberfest fashion design for the season 2016. We show you here just a little preview of my latest fashion design, which Ive done for Bembeltown Design and more.

Bembeltown Design and more offers not only a wide range of Oktoberfest fashion on sale, you can also rent all fashion items. So if you don’t wanna buy your Dirndl or Lederhosen, come to Bembeltown Design and more and you can rent the latest Oktoberfest fashion for you.

Traditional German Tracht for Women – Here you will find the latest fashion trends and evergreens of traditional German costumes for women: German dirndl dresses from a local German fashion and trachten designer Bembeltown Design and more…,  in many colors,  dirndl blouses,  and the fitting German shoes and typical German accessories. Ready – Set – Go,  to the Oktoberfest!

Traditional German Tracht for Men – Traditional Lederhosen (German Leather Trousers),  A must-have for the perfect German-Outfit: the traditional Lederhose „pl. Lederhosen“. Short,  long,  with or without suspenders- here you will find the one for you or your darling. Visit the original German trachten shop online more traditional German clothes,  accessories and Oktoberfest-Souvenirs.

Where to find Oktoberfest Trachten in Frankfurt?
BEMBELTOWN | Design and more…
Burgfriedenstrasse 17
60489 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49-69-95 90 97 00
– We ship worldwide –

If you like to design your own Frankfurt Souvenir – you can visit Bembeltowns Shirt- & Souvenir Shop and create your own Frankfurt style souvenirs here:

Bembeltown Design and more Partner in Frankfurt
click here


J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge – Größter Firmenlauf der Welt

Frankfurt, 15.06.2016 – Die Sieger beim J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Lauf 2016 in Frankfurt.

Aaron Bienenfeld 16:44 | Julia Galuschka 19:04
Frankfurter Laufshop | August Bebel Schule Wetzlar

Florian Neuschwander 17:05 | Anna Reuter 19:05
Frankfurter Laufshop | Volkswagen AG Werk Kassel

Simon Huckestein 17:26 | Jana Soethout 19:16
Commerzbank AG | Nike Deutschland GmbH

Marcus Lorbach 17:34 | Monika Pletzer 19:25
BNP Paribas S.A | GSK Vaccines GmbH

Steffen Uebel 17:52 | Tinka Uphoff 19:38
STADA Arzneimittel AG | Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht

Der J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge ist ein Lauf über eine Strecke von 5,6 Kilometern (3,5 Meilen), an dem fest angestellte Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter (Arbeitszeit mindestens 20 Stunden pro Woche) aus Firmen unterschiedlicher Branchen teilnehmen können. Teilnahmeberechtigt sind Beschäftigte von Firmen, Behörden und Finanzinstituten. Bei diesem Lauf geht es erst in zweiter Linie um Sport, wichtiger sind Werte, die von den Unternehmen als erstrebenswert betrachtet werden: Teamgeist, Kommunikation, Kollegialität, Fairness und Gesundheit. Es gibt drei Kategorien mit jeweils vier Startern: Männer, Frauen und gemischte Teams. Die Veranstaltung wird in sieben Städten der Vereinigten Staaten, zwei europäischen Städten (London, Frankfurt) sowie Sydney (Australien), Singapur, Shanghai und Johannesburg (Südafrika) ausgetragen. In Frankfurt starteten im Jahr 2015 genau 70.239 Läuferinnen und Läufer aus 2682 Firmen. Damit ist der J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge der größte Firmenlauf weltweit und der größte Lauf in Europa überhaupt.


Abzocke über Mobilfunkrechnung

16. Juni 2016
Die Abzocke über angeblich in Anspruch genommene Leistungen der Firma My Doo c/o Legion Telekommunikation GmbH geht weiter.
Wie der Presse und auch den sozialen Netzwerken zu entnehmen ist kennt die Firma My Doo (Legion Telekommunikation GmbH) kein Halten mehr… Skrupellos und ohne Rücksicht auf ahnungslose Mobiltelefonnutzer werden unzähligen Kunden einfach Beträge in Rechnung gestellt, für die es überhaupt keine Grundlage gibt. Weder haben die Kunden Dienstleistungen in Anspruch genommen, noch kennen die Betrogenen die Firmen die hinter dieser Abzockemasche stecken.
Schwierig wird es insbesonders dadurch, dass die Telekom AG (hier beginnt schon die Abzocke durch das Verschweigen der Drittanbietersperre) als Inkassodienstleister ganz kräftig an dieser Masche mitverdient. Von daher ist auch von der Telekom kein Einlenken oder Unterbinden dieser Betrugsmasche zu erwarten. Was einem die Telekom allerdings verschweigt, man kann am Besten direkt beim Vertragsabschluß ansonsten auch JEDERZEIT eine sogenannte “Drittanbietersperre” veranlassen. Hierdurch wird Firmen wie My Doo (Legion Telekommunikation GmbH) das grundlose Abbuchen versagt.

Sehr gerne versucht die Firma My Doo auch über ihre Anwaltskanzlei “Kanzlei Kötz Fusbahn Geschädigte einzuschüchtern und zu verunsichern. Diese Schreiben auf jeden Fall aufbewahren und ggf. bei der Strafanzeige mit vorlegen.

In jedem Fall sollte jeder Geschädigte Strafanzeige wegen Betrug gegen die entsprechenden Firmen stellen. Notfalls mit Hilfe eines Fachanwalts.

Ein Herr Régis Werlé ist auffälliger Weise lt. Impressum Geschäftsführer beider Abo-Abzocke Firmen, sowohl bei My Doo GmbH als auch bei der Legion Telekommuniktion GmbH – Dies spricht schon für sich und sollte mal genauer unter die Lupe genommen werden. Vermutlich gibt es eine große Dunkelziffer Geschädigter durch My Doo und Legion Telekommunikation GmbH Abo Abzocke, weil viele Verbraucher einfach ihre Rechnungen nicht sorgfältig überprüfen!

Weitere Infos und Hilfe bei Abzocke über Mobilfunkrechnungen gibt es hier:
Kanzlei Hollweck
Betrug über Mobilfunkrechnung
Abo-Fallen MyDoo und Konsorten
Vorsicht Abofalle
STERN noch Fragen
Gute Frage

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