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Feel Slovenia

Feel Slovenia
… but not with iDMC

Our experience with planning and booking an 4 day incentive in Slovenia with iDMC.

All started pretty cool and easy, since we did even know this DMC already from several trade shows like IMEX Frankfurt and IBTM world Barcelona.

In the beginning I did not worry too much about smaller mistakes and misunderstandings. When it finally got closer to our event communication got worst and worst. Questions did not get answered all or not completely. Tasks and “To-Do-List” not done completely.

Even in the middle of our last plannings our counterpart at iDMC was suddenly not available anymore and we got “Out of Office – Autoreply“.

Since the communication before the start of our incentive was on such a poor level. We had never received any confirmation even and ofcourse also no contract or invoice. No wonder I got worried and very nervous! There was only the spoken word “All will be fine!” – Well, Ive a different way of understanding how to organize professional events and incentives.

But it is getting worst…
Telling the whole team we are only available by mobile phone for future communication, since we were already running two events in different countries before. So nobody was in the office during this period of time – AND what did happen?

iDMC kept sending all kind of emails even very important infos, such as necessary phone numbers, vouchers and other details about our incentive. – We had serious problems getting all those information and got stressed out, since we had to manage two other events during this time period. This was totally NOT necessary and extremly unprofessional.

Highlight in a negative way was our last dinner!
It was meant to be our highlight and wonderful farewell dinner & party with all our guests. Including a open bar for four hours. The first 45-50 minutes went well until the waiter came and told us we did already reach the limit of our budget.

Well, I didn’t know there was an exact limit (budget) since we had booked with iDMC (4 hours unlimited drinks) without mention a budget. I guess the problem was that iDMC did a different deal and calculation with our restaurant “Istrian Tapas” in Portoroz.

Anyway from this time onwards suddenly there was no waiter available for us anymore to order more drinks or simply very limited. From time to time we got a bottle of water and one bottle of wine for 16 guests.

Needless to say, the night did end in a complete disaster!

Days later in a phone call (conference call) with iDMC and the restaurant the restaurant manager did even doubt that we would have been able do drink more that night. Since he did hide somewhere in the back office he did not see that we had empty glasses and no drinks at least for 1,5 – 2 hours!

I guess I don’t have to say anymore about this “service” – There are many more details!


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IMEXrun 2017

My IMEXrun 2017
Compilation of this years IMEXrun during IMEX Frankfurt.
Wonderful weather, great sunny and clear day at the Main river bank. So Ive some video impressions for you, just before the start and short cuts during my 5k IMEXrun.
IMEXrun by tlc this year Switzerland and Taipei are the destination hosts.

Watch it here

IMEX Frankfurt
IMEX in Frankfurt is the efficient, one-stop-shop for planners looking to book and organise worldwide meetings, events and incentive travel programmes.
n a year when the IMEX Group set out to live and breathe its 2017 Talking Point – Purposeful Meetings – exhibitor and buyer feedback suggests the new, experiential approach to IMEX in Frankfurt paid off.

From the launch of EduMonday on 15 May to the creation and expansion of registration, wellbeing, education and food services into Hall 9, this year’s IMEX was defined by positive and highly visual transformations with innovation radiating throughout the show.

Close to 9000 hosted buyers and visitors flocked to IMEX in Frankfurt for four days of focused business, education, connection and community. Total appointments between buyers and the show’s 3500 exhibitors rose to 68,500.

Following a year of planned improvements to the appointment system, focused on educating buyers about the value of giving exhibitors mini RFPs (‘appointment profiles’) in advance, 74 per cent of all buyer/exhibitor appointments were based on an appointment profile, an increase of 42 per cent.

Ray Bloom, Chairman of the IMEX Group, commented: “The strong level of business conducted here this week is evidence of the wholesale resilience and positive outlook of the market in what are challenging times all over the globe.”

From Monday to Thursday there was innovation at every turn. The introduction of EduMonday added event technology, event design certification and business masterclasses to the options available to every single participant. Along with PCMA Business School, Association Day, Exclusively Corporate and ICCA mid-year meetings, a total of 1500 people took part in the newly integrated programme.

The meeting point for the IMEXrun is the north side of the Holbeinsteg bridge over the river Main. Refer to this link for an exact location: https://goo.gl/maps/8XLNPN1K8N42.

See the full schedule below.
IMEX’s unique “sweatworking” opportunity is back for 2017. This 5km fun run is once again taking place on the shores of the river Main as part of IMEX’s wellbeing initiatives.

We encourage IMEX attendees to join the IMEXrun and balance an intense week of business with healthy physical activity.

The IMEXrun concept was developed by events by tlc, an event specialist with offices in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Florida who are inspired by healthy lifestyle trends and the unifying power of sports.

Use the #IMEXrun hashtag on social media to share your good vibes!

Thank you to our team sponsors Switzerland and Taipei.

Hashtags of the event:
#IMEX17 #IMEXrun #eventsbytlc

IMEXrun 2016 – Wonderful 5k city run

New record at IMEXrun – IMEXrun doubles in size to 800 registered participants

After two sold-out 2015 editions in Frankfurt and Las Vegas, the IMEXrun was back in Frankfurt and now twice the size, bringing with it opportunities to accelerate business via networking in a fun run along Frankfurt’s River Main. The IMEXrun, inspired by Rio de Janeiro, took place during IMEX in Frankfurt 2016 and was again a sold-out edition. The run was developed and organised by sports by tlc, a company driven by its strong belief in the unique ability that sport has to enhance corporate responsibility, personal development and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The fun run was supported by Riotur, Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau and Embratur and took place on April 20th at 07:00 am.

800 participants were expected at the free of charge event which was open to all IMEX participants. Visit.Rio offered each runner a t-shirt in their national colours and has also introduced an award for “Most Active Nation”, reflecting this year’s Olympic spirit, won by Spain.

“We are delighted to be partnering with sports by tlc to hold the IMEXrun again. Since its launch a year ago, the event has become an important part of our wellbeing initiatives and is hotly anticipated by exhibitors and buyers alike. We are grateful to Rio and Brazil for their continued support of this event” says Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX.

Alfredo Lopes, Executive President of Rio de Janeiro Convention & Visitors Bureau, states: “IMEXrun Frankfurt is an excellent opportunity for all the MICE professionals to establish a great synergy, through a sports & business spirit. The event has been a creative way to show how dynamic is our city. These are the kind of action we aim to offer to the Tourism industry, reinforcing the natural vocation of Rio de Janeiro to be a destination of congresses and events, business, well-being, sports and leisure.”

Antonio Pedro Figueira de Mello, Rio de Janeiro Tourism Secretary confirms that “the run that is inspired by Rio de Janeiro is already an important part of IMEX. It generates a positive expectation between exhibitors and buyers and it attracts a great number of participants, with whom we keep a relaxed and efficient contact.

Diogo Assis, group events by tlc CEO states “we are happy this fun run grew to a higher level in only 1 year, and also proud that the industry adopted in large scale such an initiative which offsets all the great social events around IMEX and connect people through sports”.

The IMEXrun is an important part of IMEX’s “Be Well at IMEX” initiatives. These include a selection of health & wellbeing education sessions, the new Be Well Lounge which is a device-free space to take time out or join relaxation or mindfulness classes and an online wellness guide with useful tips including healthy food options on offer at IMEX cafés and exhibitor stands.

More about IMEX16

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2015 Travel Calendar

Here it is… My 2015 Travel Calendar
The year 2015 is almost over and I update my travel calendar. So far these were my trips so far. Only a couple more to come.

8 – 11 Davos & Klosters, Switzerland

19 – 24 Iceland

11 – 14 Dubai, UAE
22 – 25 Vienna, Austria
31 – April Klosters, Switzerland

1 – 5 Davos & Klosters, Switzerland
16 – 19 Krakow, Poland
23 – 25 Hannover, Germany

25 – 31 Manila & Iriga, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

1 – 6 Manila & Iriga, Philippines
29 – July Edinbough, Scotland

Manila & Iriga, Philippines

Edinbough, Scotland

1 Edinbough, Scotland
12 – 16 European Bus Tour (Germany / Austria / Slowakia / Hungary / Czech Republic / Poland)
17 – 20 Krakow, Poland
24 – August Kyrgyzstan Round Trip

Krakow, Poland

1 – 4 Kyrgyzstan Round Trip
13 – 16 Barcelona, Spain

Round Trip, Kyrgyzstan

15 – 17 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

30 – November Balkan Route Start (Germany / Austria / Slovenia)

1 – 4 Balkan Route (Croatia / Bosnia / Serbia / Bulgaria)
4 – 8 Yastrebes, Samakov, Bulgaria
9 – 12 Balkan Route (Bulgaria / Serbia / Romania / Slowakia / Austria / Germany)
17 – 22 Barcelona, Spain
27 – 29 Hannover, Germany

Balkan Route

Barcelona, Spain

25 – 31 Davos & Klosters, Switzerland

More to come in 2016!
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