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Jürgen Schreiter on YouTube

Jürgen Schreiter on YouTube
Lifestyler – Location Scout – Visionary

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About Juergen R. Schreiter
Juergen R. Schreiter is an extreme sport personality for many years and master networker and entrepreneur – A humanitarian full of charisma and compassion.

Juergen is a freelance consultant for social media and used his business network connections to launch his German-based travel platform. With his travel platform he is living his dream of sportive and adventurous trips all around the world.

As a consultant Juergen empowers individuals in presenting their most attractive ‘self’ to the world. Whether it’s in your business or personal life, Juergen can bring out the confidence you need to take on the world and thrive in it.

Juergen is enthusiastically involved in local fundraising for organizations as well as his own aid projects, including children’s charity, especially in Russia and Asia.

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Big Boys Toys Expo 2016

Big Boys Toys Expo 2016
Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan bin Mabarak Al Nahayan

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The Top 10 Products to See at BBT 2016
Big Boys Toys, has something for everyone spread across an array of 11 categories that will be featured during the course of four days! For its 7
th edition, this year, the BBT 2016 platform will be exhibiting the best of products the world has to offer! Here are some of the cool products and launches that the visitors will get to witness:

Letrons – Exhibiting perfect Turkish engineering and innovation at its best – BBT 2016 is hosting the Global Launch of Letrons – a road legal car that transforms into a robot, with in-built robotic features engineered to be the first and only of its kind in the world!

Liberty Vehicle Technologies – Hosting the Launch of the World’s Fastest Hybrid Supercar at BBT 2016, this amazing production is limited to just 25 vehicles. With 920Engineering [920E], a LIBERTY brand, this supercar is inspired by the iconic T1, offering ferocious performance characteristics. With precision engineering, active aerodynamics, high performance braking and an all-wheel drive system, this platform combines the worlds of luxury, fast jets and race cars putting them into a unique vehicle to show power & beauty!

Marine Turbine Technologies brings to the BBT platform, the fastest street legal production bike in the world! The MTT 420 RR (Race Ready) comes with a 402+ KPH (250+ MPH) money back guarantee and offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the Rolls-Royce 250 C-20B turbine engine. MTT is also the original designer and manufacturer of the Y2K Turbine Superbike which is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most expensive production motorcycle ever made.

Khalifa Boat – For the first time ever, the Khalifa Boat designed by Nasser Al Marzouqi will be revealed and launched at this super show.  Designer Nasser Al Marzouqi has created a high speed boat that has been styled to look like an extremely sporty car with the aerodynamics of an airplane. The Khalifa Boat can be found under the ‘Marine Category’ at Big Boys Toys.

Metal-Master, successfully constructs the World’s Smallest and Fastest Single-Engine Jet.  FLARIS LAR01, is able to take-off and land even on very short, grass runways surpassing all other jets that have been produced so far. It has also been equipped with a unique and modern parachute system for safety.

CSE Entertainment (Athene Exergaming) – A Finnish innovation, designed to bring meaningful content and motivation for training. The concept of exergaming combines various fitness and rehabilitation equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, etc.) with virtual and video environments, sports applications and advanced motion control.

Boganyi Piano The Bogányi piano is a beautiful departure from tradition into modern design and advanced technology. Made to be a high performance grand piano that is beautiful on the eye and the ear, this masterpiece combines industrial innovation and musical artistry with state-of-the-art technology to make one of the biggest piano redesigns in over 150 years.

Genovation Cars Inc. – The World’s First Street Legal Electric Car to exceed 200mph! Designed with a passion for power, Genovation’s objective is to provide its customers with safe, sustainable automobiles that do not compromise their driving independence. These automobiles combine cutting-edge green technology with very lightweight and aerodynamic frames and bodies.

Penguin – introduces the World’s First Compact Semi Submarine that helps you discover a new way to enjoy the ocean. This semi-submarine enables you to travel the ocean for leisure offering you an underwater ride without any equipment!

SuperATV – Specializing in UTV parts and accessories and being leaders of aftermarket providers, SuperATV unveils the hill killer built ready for battle! Designed to be a hill climbing and rock bouncing machine this outdoor adventure shows off performance, reliability, quality and innovation.

Don’t miss out! Buy your tickets today to Experience the Unbelievable.

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Travelling the Balkan Route – 9 Countries in 12 Days:
Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia.

Esplanade Luxury Hotel, Zagreb
What a warm welcome at the Esplanade Hotel Zagreb. Even the standard rooms are very spacious and each room has a slightly different very large bathroom. All interior design still remembers the old times, when the Esplanade Hotel was built for the rich and luxury traveler of the ledendary Orient Express train. For that reason the hotel was built just oposite from the main train station. That was now 90 years ago – So the hotel has already a fascinating history. The suites are outstanding and for your meetings you find very luxury and individual conference and meeting rooms of all sizes. The atmosphere of this hotel makes it all so special. When we came down the next morning for breakfast I was really impressed – Ive seen many luxury hotels in my life, but this breakfast was the best. Nothing missing and everything fresh prepared.
I really wish to visit the Esplanade Hotel soon again – Thank you so much to the phantastic team, great service!

Zagreb at Night:

Watch the trip on YouTube:

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LifeClass Hotels & Spa, Portoroz
Esplanade Luxury Hotel, Zagreb
Yastrebets Hotel Wellness & Spa, Borovets
Grand Hotel River Park, Luxury Collection Hotel, Bratislava
ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser, Vienna

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