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7 Places to visit in Iceland

7 Places to visit in Iceland

Iceland is an excellent place to diversity everywhere. This land is full of volcanoes, lakes and glaciers. It’s amazing to see lakes that appear green in Iceland who can win any heart. Some excellent waterfalls look beautiful when the clean, clear waterfalls from them. Some fast-flowing rivers add to the natural beauty of this fantastic place. The area is equipped with a pleasant and endowed with a natural beauty environment. People from all over the world visit this place to explore the excitement and natural beauty of this place. Tourists have received a warm heart in Iceland, and residents have a friendly behaviour towards each tourist. The amazing thing about this place is that although it is covered with volcanoes, however, there are several glaciers around Iceland.

Pedelec Adventures Iceland Challenge 2013

Pedelec Adventures Iceland Challenge 2013

Iceland is truly blessed with diversity. You will find some amazing things in Iceland, which can not be found anywhere else in this world. You may wonder that the climatic condition of Iceland should be too cold because the poles, but actually it is not. Iceland is blessed with a moderate climate. It is simply possible because warm south-west winds and the Gulf Stream. Iceland has the oldest parliament in the world. This is amazing, but true. It is also incredibly accurate that hydropower is critical in Iceland. This country meets its energy needs through hydropower and also through geothermal water reserves. Iceland is as big as Virginia both population wise and prudent area. Tourists from around the world visit this place just to explore the natural beauty of this place that can not be seen anywhere else. Natural water geysers are incredible to see in Iceland. You can also explore the geothermal spas and whales in Iceland. If you are crazy for glaciers below waterfalls Iceland is a perfect destination for you.

Iceland is simply amazing and has something or the other for all tourists. You can make your trip a memorable one by visiting this place during the tourist season. Reykjavik is the best time to visit Iceland, as it has lightening and entertainment all over the place. The whole Iceland experience the atmosphere of fun and entertainment this season. You may even be lucky enough to see the entertainment show held during this time in Iceland. This show is called as Nights of light and is very fun to watch.

Here are seven places to visit in Iceland

  1. Gullfoss is the most famous of the mythical waterfalls of Iceland and will be the first attraction Icelandic that any native who usher too. The falls cascade 105 feet in a stunning canyon. The mist rises from the base, and on clear days, the nice sun casts beautiful rainbow arches across the breadth of the falls.
  1. No visit to Iceland is complete without a day in the capital city of Reykjavik, the cultural centre of the nation. Here you can spend a day exploring the city’s many museums, dine at the symbol of the city, Pearl, and spend the night drinking in one of the bars or dance stylish Reykjavik in one of its nightclubs jumps.
  2. Thingvellir National Park, located about 40 minutes west of Reykjavik, is Iceland’s oldest national park. It is a protected area of ​​historical importance deep square mile lake and 52 hiking trails along the lava fields.
  1. The Great Geysir (from which the word “geyser” originates) is the world’s largest fountain and is easily accessible by bus in Reykjavik. The Great Geysir was formed in 1300; although now only erupts on special occasions (engineering), the nearby Strokkur erupts every 30 minutes for those wishing to take some photos.
  1. The Blue Lagoon, located about 15 minutes from Keflavik International Airport, is a long-time favourite of visitors to Iceland, especially those who want to test the idea that the algae bath salts, silica and minerals is reconstituting to health. The lagoon is in the middle of a moss covered lava field, and the Sea gets its water from 2,000 meters below the surface. Whole families can bathe together here in the peaceful and quiet water.
  1. Iceland is the most active part of the oval Aurora in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that every time there is a clear sky, Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, can be see lighting the sky with their colours and shapes vibrant and bright. Iceland has well placed Northern Lights viewings, but bus tours are also offered for those who want to “chase” these lights and see in the variable splendour.
  1. In medieval Europe, Mount Hekla, entrance to hell was felt and feared by the locals. But now visitors flock eagerly to this volcanic mountain is 4,892 feet high and erupted for the last time in February 2000. The volcano towers over the lowlands, and its unusual peak, flat, ridged is often wrapped in a cloud bank, which explains the name of the “Hekla” or “hooded” volcano.
Kristal Ice Cave

Kristal Ice Cave

One of the most agreed historical theories about Iceland is that the first visitors who discovered Iceland were monks who came from Scotland in the eighth century. However, the first human settlement in Iceland was at the end of the ninth century. Many of the people who remained first in Iceland came from Norway and Ireland. Lots of travelers began touring Iceland because of its unique environment. Frozen rivers cover more than 10% of the entire surface of Iceland. Some of these rivers receive hot springs in their outlets which is one of the most natural landscapes unmatched worldwide.

Another striking feature is that Iceland is the only place in the world where you can see the sun at midnight! Yes, the sun shines all day Iceland in June, while in December; the sun shines almost all night. These exceptional environments attract many travelers to spend a holiday in Iceland. In winter, guests traveling to Iceland Aurora can see these amazing pink, yellow, green, and blue lights coming from the North and South poles. Where in the world would be invited to find beaches of black volcanic sand, this only happens in Iceland. Although the winter season in the country is very cold, many tourists prefer to holiday in Iceland when the ice with its bright white colour, covers almost everywhere, in contradiction with black volcanic lava. Of course, the winter season is the best time for ice skating in Iceland, with many beautiful places specified for skiing, Discover fun activities and huge discounts in your city with Groupon. Check out great deals on things to do from kids activities to nightlife; try out new restaurants, spas, massages and hair salons near you, or plan a trip away from home.

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Trips to Iceland & Greenland by SMS-Frankfurt Group Travel


IMEXrun 2016 – Wonderful 5k city run

New record at IMEXrun – IMEXrun doubles in size to 800 registered participants

After two sold-out 2015 editions in Frankfurt and Las Vegas, the IMEXrun was back in Frankfurt and now twice the size, bringing with it opportunities to accelerate business via networking in a fun run along Frankfurt’s River Main. The IMEXrun, inspired by Rio de Janeiro, took place during IMEX in Frankfurt 2016 and was again a sold-out edition. The run was developed and organised by sports by tlc, a company driven by its strong belief in the unique ability that sport has to enhance corporate responsibility, personal development and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The fun run was supported by Riotur, Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau and Embratur and took place on April 20th at 07:00 am.

800 participants were expected at the free of charge event which was open to all IMEX participants. Visit.Rio offered each runner a t-shirt in their national colours and has also introduced an award for “Most Active Nation”, reflecting this year’s Olympic spirit, won by Spain.

“We are delighted to be partnering with sports by tlc to hold the IMEXrun again. Since its launch a year ago, the event has become an important part of our wellbeing initiatives and is hotly anticipated by exhibitors and buyers alike. We are grateful to Rio and Brazil for their continued support of this event” says Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX.

Alfredo Lopes, Executive President of Rio de Janeiro Convention & Visitors Bureau, states: “IMEXrun Frankfurt is an excellent opportunity for all the MICE professionals to establish a great synergy, through a sports & business spirit. The event has been a creative way to show how dynamic is our city. These are the kind of action we aim to offer to the Tourism industry, reinforcing the natural vocation of Rio de Janeiro to be a destination of congresses and events, business, well-being, sports and leisure.”

Antonio Pedro Figueira de Mello, Rio de Janeiro Tourism Secretary confirms that “the run that is inspired by Rio de Janeiro is already an important part of IMEX. It generates a positive expectation between exhibitors and buyers and it attracts a great number of participants, with whom we keep a relaxed and efficient contact.

Diogo Assis, group events by tlc CEO states “we are happy this fun run grew to a higher level in only 1 year, and also proud that the industry adopted in large scale such an initiative which offsets all the great social events around IMEX and connect people through sports”.

The IMEXrun is an important part of IMEX’s “Be Well at IMEX” initiatives. These include a selection of health & wellbeing education sessions, the new Be Well Lounge which is a device-free space to take time out or join relaxation or mindfulness classes and an online wellness guide with useful tips including healthy food options on offer at IMEX cafés and exhibitor stands.

More about IMEX16

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My Trip to Tokyo – First time in Japan

Luxury Tokyo Trip – Discover Tokyo with Juergen Schreiter
Hosted by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau and staying at the beautiful Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. From here we discover Tokyo in a luxury way for the next four days.

4 wonderful Days in Tokyo – Hosted by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau.

My Trip on YouTube:

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Tokyo National Museum
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Palace Hotel Tokyo
Kabuki Gallery
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Rappongi Hills Tokyo City View
Tokyo Midtown Hall & Conference
Billboard Live Tokyo
Tokyo Midtown
The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
Meguro Gajoen
Miraikan – National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari
Tsukiji Jisaku

About Juergen R. Schreiter
Juergen R. Schreiter is an extreme sport personality for many years and master networker and entrepreneur – A humanitarian full of charisma and compassion.
Juergen is a freelance consultant for social media and used his business network connections to launch his German-based travel platform. With his travel platform he is living his dream of sportive and adventurous trips all around the world.

As a consultant Juergen empowers individuals in presenting their most attractive ‘self’ to the world. Whether it’s in your business or personal life, Juergen can bring out the confidence you need to take on the world and thrive in it.

Juergen is enthusiastically involved in local fundraising for organizations as well as his own aid projects, including children’s charity, especially in Russia and Asia.

Tokyo Gallery

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Yastrebets Hotel Wellness & Spa

Yastrebets Hotel Wellness & Spa, Borovets

Travelling the Balkan Route – 9 Countries in 12 Days:
Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia.

Today we arrive at the beautiful resort Yastrebets in Bulgaria and can peacefully enjoy the Dolce Vita here.

Watch the trip on YouTube:

Grand Hotel Union Executive, Ljubljana
LifeClass Hotels & Spa, Portoroz
Esplanade Luxury Hotel, Zagreb
Yastrebets Hotel Wellness & Spa, Borovets
Grand Hotel River Park, Luxury Collection Hotel, Bratislava
ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser, Vienna

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Travelling the Balkan Route – 9 Countries in 12 Days:
Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia.

Esplanade Luxury Hotel, Zagreb
What a warm welcome at the Esplanade Hotel Zagreb. Even the standard rooms are very spacious and each room has a slightly different very large bathroom. All interior design still remembers the old times, when the Esplanade Hotel was built for the rich and luxury traveler of the ledendary Orient Express train. For that reason the hotel was built just oposite from the main train station. That was now 90 years ago – So the hotel has already a fascinating history. The suites are outstanding and for your meetings you find very luxury and individual conference and meeting rooms of all sizes. The atmosphere of this hotel makes it all so special. When we came down the next morning for breakfast I was really impressed – Ive seen many luxury hotels in my life, but this breakfast was the best. Nothing missing and everything fresh prepared.
I really wish to visit the Esplanade Hotel soon again – Thank you so much to the phantastic team, great service!

Zagreb at Night:

Watch the trip on YouTube:

Grand Hotel Union Executive, Ljubljana
LifeClass Hotels & Spa, Portoroz
Esplanade Luxury Hotel, Zagreb
Yastrebets Hotel Wellness & Spa, Borovets
Grand Hotel River Park, Luxury Collection Hotel, Bratislava
ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser, Vienna

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2015 Travel Calendar

Here it is… My 2015 Travel Calendar
The year 2015 is almost over and I update my travel calendar. So far these were my trips so far. Only a couple more to come.

8 – 11 Davos & Klosters, Switzerland

19 – 24 Iceland

11 – 14 Dubai, UAE
22 – 25 Vienna, Austria
31 – April Klosters, Switzerland

1 – 5 Davos & Klosters, Switzerland
16 – 19 Krakow, Poland
23 – 25 Hannover, Germany

25 – 31 Manila & Iriga, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

1 – 6 Manila & Iriga, Philippines
29 – July Edinbough, Scotland

Manila & Iriga, Philippines

Edinbough, Scotland

1 Edinbough, Scotland
12 – 16 European Bus Tour (Germany / Austria / Slowakia / Hungary / Czech Republic / Poland)
17 – 20 Krakow, Poland
24 – August Kyrgyzstan Round Trip

Krakow, Poland

1 – 4 Kyrgyzstan Round Trip
13 – 16 Barcelona, Spain

Round Trip, Kyrgyzstan

15 – 17 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

30 – November Balkan Route Start (Germany / Austria / Slovenia)

1 – 4 Balkan Route (Croatia / Bosnia / Serbia / Bulgaria)
4 – 8 Yastrebes, Samakov, Bulgaria
9 – 12 Balkan Route (Bulgaria / Serbia / Romania / Slowakia / Austria / Germany)
17 – 22 Barcelona, Spain
27 – 29 Hannover, Germany

Balkan Route

Barcelona, Spain

25 – 31 Davos & Klosters, Switzerland

More to come in 2016!
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HOTEL & RESTAURANT CHECK  (English + German)
Here you find random posts of my worst Hotel- and Restaurant experineces in English or / and German.
Hier folgen einige meiner schlimmsten Hotel- und Restaurant-Erlebnisse in Englisch und / oder auf Deutsch.

Kurzfristige Stornierung unserer Gruppenbuchung per SMS
ID-Nr.: 368150077

In den vielen Jahren in denen ich bereits privat und geschäftlich wirklich eine Menge bisher erlebt habe, war dies hier mit die größte Enttäuschung.

Bereits einige Monate im Voraus buchten wir mit der Maimühle (Hr. Theis) eine Weinprobe für unsere Reisegruppe – soweit war alles klar und im Lot.
Da die Maimühle jedoch ausgebucht war organisierten wir die Weinprobe in unseren Veranstaltungsräumen. Hr. Theis wollte uns dann einen Mitarbeiter schicken der die Weinprobe für uns ausrichtet.
Ganz kurzfristig 2 Tage vor unserer Veranstaltung kam dann von diesem Mitarbeiter oder “Freelancer” eine banale Textnachricht mit einer Absage der Weinprobe. – siehe Anlage (Fotos)

Erreichbar (für Rücksprachen) war dieser Mitarbeiter für uns nicht mehr – Handy war entweder aus oder wurde nicht beantwortet.
Der für uns eigentlich verantwortliche Ansprechpartner Hr. Theis (Maimühle) war zwar telefonisch erreichbar, wusste aber von nichst und konnte sich das nicht erklären.
Auf der anderen Seite war es ihm aber auch egal und völlig gleichgültig und schien auch nicht an einer Vermittlung interessiert zu sein. Auch hat er uns keinen Ersatz beschafft – So standen wir zunächst komplett ohne Abendprogramm für unsere Gruppe da. Aus der Not heraus mussten wir dann einen westlich teureren Anbieter / Winzer auswähle – der jedoch seine Sache ganz hervorragend gemacht hat.

Ich bat nach diesem Reinfall mit der Maimühle Hr. Theis um ein Entgegenkommen bzw. eine Entschuldigung, dieser verwies mich jedoch nur auf seinen Mitarbeiter.
Der war wie gewohnt telefonisch jedoch nicht zu erreichen und per Email kamen nur unverschämte Antworten. Vermutlich wollte sich der Mitarbeiter der Maimühle lediglich vor der Wochenendarbeit drücken.

Für die Maimühle sehr schade, denn sonst sind die Bewertungen hier für die Maimühle ja ganz ordentlich – Ich kann allerdings unter diesen Umständen hier nicht zustimmen, denn für mich hat die Maimühle uns komplett im Stich gelassen.

Firmen- und Gruppenveranstaltungen scheint die Maimühle jedenfalls nicht gewachsen zu sein.  

Hotel Restaurant
Bahnhofstrasse 100
D-66706 Perl